Chinese Drills on the border with DPRK bring back memories from the ’50s


China’s military and defense ministry has announced that it conducted live military drills and under very harsh weather conditions (amidst a snowstorm) on the border with North Korea.

The Communist Party’s newspaper has confirmed that drills (live fire maneuvers) were carried out in Shenyang, a region which is very close to the DPRK borders. The units that took place were mechanized and armor units, which were testing maneuvers under harsh weather conditions. Washington still has not taken the armored factor into consideration, as the Country’s top military brass considers them obsolete. Martin Dempsey has said, though, that a pre-emptive strike is on the table, meaning that there is going to be a gunfight and US will be holding the knife.

US officials have also confirmed that the troops were part of the 190th Mechanized Mechanized Infantry Brigade based in Benxi, Liaoning Province. The Brigade is considered to constitute the “spearhead” of any operation, should China chooses to get involved and cross the borders with the DPRK. At that point we need to elaborate on something, because there seems to be a “misunderstanding” in terms of China’s role in this “situation”. Fox News reported on April 05 that “North Korea’s aggression could strengthen US-China alliance”. According to Fox News

“North Korea’s latest outburst of nuclear and military threats has given the U.S. a rare opportunity to build bridges with China — a potential silver lining to the simmering crisis that could revitalize the Obama administration’s flagging policy pivot to Asia”.

We rarely comment on other publications, but this time and under those circumstances the phenomenon, whereby everyone states what comes in his/her mind, has gone too far and has become very dangerous for US’s Foreign Policy. Not even in a parallel universe can a) China turn against North Korea, its only ally in the region, let alone b) build bridges with the US, while the second follows a containment policy towards the first in the Pacific Region. Our colleagues unfortunately fail to understand that China was the one who started all this. As a matter of fact it pursued tensions in the Senkaku region first, but the Japanese were too “cold-blooded” to respond to any Chinese provocation, so they got bored eventually, dropped the scheme and threw the ball in North Korea’s court. We have been stressing those issues for months, but…who are we? Certainly not the “Golden Boys” of the White House who get to be advisers and end up in conversations with military officials of other countries, who feel so “comfortable” as to blow the smoke of their Dunhill cigarettes on their faces. We stop here as we have made our point and consider more inappropriate to further comment on the…inappropriate!

The clouds of war have grown denser and Washington is in need of skillful diplomats as much as skillful generals in order to see this crisis through. Under the current circumstances we regret to read news that criminalize the US in this theater of operations and justify Pyonyang’s actions of moving “Musudan type” missiles, which are capable of striking Okinawa, Guam and/or South Korea.

For the first time, US has taken a step back and cancelled the scheduled launch of the Minuteman III ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile), in a remarkable attempt to de-escalate or at least refrain from escalating any further the tensions. If the US “had planned it all along” as some ignorants, who unfortunately happen to be professors as well, claim, then it would certainly launch the Minuteman missile instead of postponing it, even though officials claimed that this occurred due to “technical reasons”. Second thing, if their country is threatened by a paranoid regime, which lets the people of the country starve to death, and its nuclear weapons, then we would be very interested in watching their reactions. Would they not bolster-at least-their ABM defenses? And if they did that and things got worse, because they were meant from the beginning to get worse, would it be logical to state that it’s their fault, because they militarized the region? Certainly “Uncle Albert” comes often in our mind, when he said that human stupidity is infinite.

The recent Chinese drills have shown that the US is not prepared to fight a Continental force, such as China, through technological means solely. The need for mechanized warfare has also been stressed by DefenseHorizon many times in the past, as bombing campaigns have proven to be useless, unless they are combined with formidable forces on the ground. This is known at least from 1999 when NATO unloaded almost its entire payload on Serbia and if Boris Yeltsin, then President of the Russian Federation, did not urge Milosevic to step down, he would probably still be there.

This is a good chance for the US to square things out with China, but unless they shift their doctrine from “the air” to “the ground” they face the imminent danger of being cut off once and forever from the Asia-Pac theater.