The Pentagon’s New Budget and “The Avengers”


In the realm of phantasy in a context of fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, The Narnia Chronicles and so on, the new Pentagon’s budget and the way, which the money is going to be distributed throughout the Country’s armed forces, would be ideal. Only in that case, though, in a “Narnia” world, because this one needs other “tools”, not to mention that should the occasion arises, God forbid, and the US decides to fight against huge continental forces (China most likely, judging from the escalating tensions in the Korean peninsula), we can state with the utmost confidence, that the US is going to lose and in order to give the full specter of the defeat, we state that the US will love very very badly!

First of all, the budget itself ($526.6 bn dollars plus the Afghanistan campaign, roughly another 88 bn dollars) is more than enough for the US to proceed into the necessary changes in its doctrine and present a truly invincible military machine. The Russians spend $780 bn in a course of 10 years and they regard it as the most expensive so far, so one can imagine how the numbers are translated into materiel and potential.

Still, though, the US is following the same self-destructive military doctrine, which replaced the so called “Powell Doctrine”, which as we all know granted them a victorious campaign in 1991, when the first Iraqi war broke out. The administrations, which followed, though, did everything they could to alter this doctrine, back then we could say that their action was justified in light of the demise of the Soviet Union, but now even if we disregard Russia as a potential “future rival”, sometime sooner rather than later, the US will have to deal with China. And the Chinese recently did some “things” during April’s military exercises, which are considered astonishing by those who still understand a couple of things about “Mechanized Warfare”. They trained on unit maneuvering amidst a snowstorm, a fact which we find very “spooky”, not to mention that the phrase which comes into our minds is “Remind me not to f*** with you”!

When fighting a Continental force you need-let us think it’s not so hard to guess though-LAND UNITS! And in terms of the air-force, you should stick to the planes which will provide you both air superiority and ground assistance. The Americans won’t be fighting against the Taliban (who even they were proven to be undefeated), they will be fighting against waves of millions of soldiers ready-literally-to waste their lives, because for their country they are just numbers. We have said that so many times, even we become bored to repeat it on every occasion, yet we still hope that things will change!

So what if you have the “invisible plane”, the most expensive research program in Human History, as it is characterized by the experts (we simply characterize it as a legal case, which has to be taken to Justice one day), the F-35, which has cost 1 trillion dollars and still is not operational. And we really pray to God that it will not become operational, because innocent lives will perish, as Lockheed does not guarantee that it will not be struck by a lightning when flying within 25 nautical miles from a storm, the engineers have removed valuable fuzes and now the plane has 25% more chance of catching fire when hit oh and the “C” version has to be redesigned because the hook doesn’t work and we are talking about a “Stealth plane” (at least theoretically). In 1999 when the “Stealth dream” was shuttered to pieces, once “The Nighthawk” was shot down, the Serbs went on air to joke about it by stating “Sorry we didn’t know it was invisible”. That was about 14 years ago, how long will it take for the mentality to change, since we are just one click away from the biggest Confrontation the Human History will have seen.

The army’s budget is down by 2.3 bn so is the navy’s by 3.1 bn, yet the air force gets “the luxury” of increasing its budget by 4.7 bn dollars. UNBELIEVABLE! The F-35 project, instead of shutting down, will absorb another $8.4 billion for development and acquisition, to buy the Air Force 19 new F-35s, the Marines six and the Navy four. Let’s make it clear! Not only Lockheed gets more money and evades subpoenaed for embezzlement (that’s how it’s called in the Countries which are considered “corrupt” by the US), but it ends up getting another $8.4bn for “Development and Acquisition”, that is why we have already characterized it a criminal case. Specifically according to law this makes the current government complicit to “premeditated murder”, because it already knows that this “fairytale has gone really bad”, yet it endorses its mass production and sends men to “fry” in those “flying coffins”. Unless we are mistaken, premeditated murder on a governmental level constitutes a conspiracy against the people of the United States and calls for constitutional interference in order for the lives of American pilots to be protected! Is anyone listening? We will see!

Thankfully it’s not all dark and gloomy, there are some projects, which are considered essential and they are worth the money, the trouble and the risk. Those are the new LCS ships, SSN-774 Virginia-Class Submarine (money invested in submarines is rarely considered as wasted), and the Warfighter Information Network, a tactical tool which is placed in the context of command and control and makes the infantry lives easier-of course it also reduces the fatalities. The amphibious combat vehicle is a good idea as well, as the army needs its mechanized assets more than ever, however it would be more preferable to boost up the replacement of M1A1 Abrams tanks with M1A2 and fund the research for the M1A3. The re-introduction of XM2001 Crusader artillery project which was cancelled out by Donald Rumsfeld would also give fruits in future conflicts. Although not as cheap and good, as experts suggest, as the German PzH-2000, the Germans were willing to cooperate in a joint project to make it better. But, according to the doctrine and mentality, “Let it be, this is ancient stuff, artillery…pffff what do we pay planes for? Aren’t they supposed to do the job?”. 

That said, and based on this mentality, the US is now ready to start its first drill in the Persian Gulf by using…laser weapons. Yes, this is news and as a matter of fact, they justify it by saying that on the one hand it’s very cheap, on the other it will have the same revolutionary effect in combat as gunpowder once introduced. In Medicine it did, so unless they are willing to cure every blind man in Iran, the usage of such weapons only demonstrate the exact opposite than the US wants to promote in the context of deterrence. They are pursuing “cheap solutions” in combat while funneling 2/3 of what Russia is giving in 10 years, each year to the Pentagon for materiel, whose usage and value in the battlefield are both highly ambivalent.

US has all the projects it needs laid down in terms of the full specter of the armed forces. The Powell Doctrine is more expensive indeed, but welcome to the “realm of the obvious”, it is both expensive in materiel and human lives (the value of which cannot be estimated). Yet 600 bn dollars is more than enough to get prepared to hold the Pacific front and produce weapons that have already proven their value. Like the Super Hornets, The A-10s aka Thunderbolts (which are perfect tank killing machines especially once combined with Apache planes), the F-22 and the B-2 Spirits and most importantly the tank and artillery potential of Weapons like the M1A2-3 and The Crusader! There is still time for huge changes, which once applied are going to deter every continental force, be it China, Russia or Europe as a whole (for example) from challenging the US the way a “hermit kingdom” does so in today’s situation, which unfolds in the Korean Peninsula!

This mentality of “The Avengers”, winning whole battles single-handedly is a joke which has gone too far. Ironman will not help gaining air supremacy, Thor and the Hulk are not going to be deployed on the ground to counter the tanks and infantry and last but not least Scarlet Johannson is not going to play “The honey trap” in order to steal the enemy’s plans (although now that we think about it this is the most realistic part of the aforementioned scenario)!