Chuck Hagel: “I admire Mustafa Kemal Ataturk”!


How would a well-esteemed and high US official be regarded if he ever said: “You know what? I love Genghis Khan and we in the West do not understand his mighty contribution to today’s civilization”? The new Defense Minister, to whom we have the utmost respect because he took the DPRK’s threat seriously, is either misinformed about the historical personality he painted with such “vibrant” and “constructive” colors or there is something else going on. We do not mean to imply anything which undermines the constitution, but it is one thing to tolerate Turkey for the sake of Geopolitics and another to openly cheer for one of the greatest butchers history has ever known. Who knows, perhaps when he was young he could be in love with a woman from Turkey, maybe that could be one of the reasons why he is so positively inclined towards Turkey, but still it doesn’t justify the outburst of admiration towards a mass murderer! What would be his next action under those circumstances? Wear a T-shirt with a stamp: “I love Kemal!” while the Turkish troops will be invading Syria? That’s just too much for the United States of America.

Let’s reiterate Chuck Hagel’s words: “Well, I’m glad to know my standing is significant in Turkey. But – and I admire the Turks and the government, and Atatürk and I have over the years noted Atatürk in different speeches I’ve given, not just in Turkey, but the United States. He did something that was very significant that has had a very important sustaining legacy in the world. And sometimes we — we in the West don’t fully appreciate what Atatürk did”. If he is talking about the “opening” of Kemal to the West through his state reforms then he should narrow down his admiration and support on those reforms only, which, according to the US, seemingly, those were the reason why Turkey is today a NATO member. Even in that case, though, this assumption would be false, because the only reason, initially at least, Turkey entered NATO, was because its “inclination” towards the Soviet Union. And since we are talking about Kemal, he “loved” the Bolsheviks so much so that his “anti-Western” campaign became dependent on Lenin’s financing. We cite a text from Wikipedia:

“In his message to Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik leader and head of the RSFSR‘s government, dated 26 April 1920, Kemal promised to coordinate his military operations with the Bolsheviks’ “fight against imperialist governments” and requested 5 million lira in gold as well as armaments “as first aid” to his forces.[107] In 1920 alone, the Lenin government supplied the Kemalists with 6,000 rifles, over 5 million rifle cartridges, 17,600 projectiles as well as 200.6 kg of gold bullion; in the subsequent 2 years the amount of aid increased…”

But Kemal was nothing but a political “fox” apart from being a mass murderer. While wanting to establish a Soviet pan-Balkan domain, in the end he butchered the members of the Turkish communist party. And this is just a sample of his “mood swings”. After he defeated the Greek forces, whose commanders were stupid enough to overextend their lines from Constantinople to just a few miles West of Ankara, while Eleftherios Venizelos was being toppled by The King all over again, he sent a letter to the League of Nations stating that the Turkish population was so worked up that the Ankara Government would not be responsible for massacres. And those massacres did occur, Smyrna was burning and the Greek population was slaughtered to death. Those who managed to flee migrated to the Greek mainland, causing a huge humanitarian issue, which gave the ultimate blow to the Greek Economy. 

The murders, though, did not stop there. We feel compelled to refresh the memory of Mr Obama and his administration at this point, when they received this letter:

“We believe that acknowledgments of the Armenian Genocide are an important step toward ending the final stage of every genocide, denial, which continues to inflict suffering on the group that has been victimized – an inhuman assault on memory perpetrated by the Turkish government for more than 90 years.”

“The 94-year denial of the Armenian Genocide has emboldened perpetrators ever since.”

IAGS letter to President Barack Obama, 3.7.09″

Plus an excerpt of what was heard in Congress:

“Studies by genocide scholars prove that the single best predictor of future genocide is denial of a past genocide coupled with impunity for its perpetrators. Genocide Deniers are three times more likely to commit genocide again than other governments.”

Testimony to Congress by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President, IAGS, 4.23.08

The above concern the Armenian genocide, but before we go there let’s hear the brutal truth dripping from the lips of Mustafa Kemal himself, evidently taking pleasure when talking about his murderous accomplishments to a Swedish Journalist

The text below is corrected and reprinted from the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, March 16, 1985.

Kemal Promises More Hangings
of Political Antagonists in Turkey

” I shall not stop until every guilty person, no matter how high his rank, has been hung from the gallows as a grim warning to all incipient plotters against the security of the Turkish Republic. Since the very hour of its reincarnation in the rejuvenated body of the Republic, our nation has endured travails no other nation has ever experienced.
When we were fighting external enemies, or enemies whom we were certain were sympathetic with foreign intriguers, nearly all of the rank and file of our population were enthusiastically, even fanatically, united to deliver the nation from the multiple foreign yokes. But no sooner had the nation proved its worth to its foreign detractors than certain elements, bred in the old school of political intrigue, began to show their claws. We were face to face with a menace to the life of the republic from two elements.
One was the group who combined religious fanaticism and ignorance with political imbecility and who, in the past, under different Sultans had come to believe that the state was an organism to be exploited through debauchery, corruption and brazen bribery for personal ends. I put the ax in the dual root of this sinister and reprehensible theory of government by destroying the Khalif and the Sultan. I sent into exile the persons in whom this theory was personified. Large numbers, adherents of this school of politics, attempted to interpret any act as atheistic, and, under the aegis of religion, began to intrigue against the life of the republic.
Sixty Leaders Hang at Dawn In several instances in the past when, in Kurdistan and other interior regions of Anatolia, they showed a disposition to challenge the will of the republic, I crushed them with an iron hand, and for example, had over sixty of their leaders hanged at dawn”. 

Regarding the Armenian genocide: From the Gendercide watch (

“Turkey’s defeat in World War I, and the consequent collapse of the Ottoman Empire, offered surviving Armenians an opportunity for national self-realization. In 1918, an independent Republic of Armenia was declared. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was granted the right to draw up the boundaries of a new Armenian nation, formalized at the Treaty of Sèvres in 1920. However, the Turkish government, under nationalist leader Kemal Ataturk, rapidly renounced the Treaty. In collusion with the newly-created Soviet Union, the Turks invaded Armenia and reconquered six of the former western Ottoman provinces granted to Armenia under the Treaty, along with the Armenian provinces of Kars and Ardahan”. 

As for Kemal’s own opinion: “The Ataturk government effectively cancelled the court-martial process (Ataturk himself claiming that the Armenians killed were “victims of foreign intrigues” and guilty of abusing “the privileges granted them”)”.

“ATA BOY”! He’s the man, this Kemal guy, everyone would agree on that Mr Hager, isn’t that so? Perhaps if the Greeks had responded in the same way to the American administrations, as Kemal himself did, maybe “Chuck” would share his admiration between the Turks and the Greeks. But hey, if assassinating 3/4 of a population and be proud of it is not a reason for admiration then what is? We have a question, though, why are Stalin and Hitler off the list of the people Mr Hagel admires? They did good as well, better than the Turks! That remains to be answered by Mr Hagel of course.

It is noteworthy that while France and specifically ex President Nicola Sarkozy signed himself the draft resolution condemning the denial of Armenian genocide, in the US the Obama Administration was against the resolution when it was brought to congress for voting from the beginning. In France it was regarded as “unconstitutional” by the Supreme Court (even though the resolution had the President’s Signature), while in the US, senators are still fighting to pass it through with the “magic word”, which depicts the true nature of the crime (GENOCIDE), but nobody would want to “upset” the “civilized NATO allies”, the Turks. As a matter of fact, and according to Mr Hagel, not only are they not mass murderers but they ought to be “admired” for their “democratic accomplishments” and their “Great leader” Mustafa Kemal, without whom the Western societies of today would have had so much less to exhibit in cultural terms.

In cases like these we truly wonder who is in charge of the Western World. The US or Turkey?