Netanyahu-“The Unforgiven”-Is this how you honor Yonatan’s memory Mr PM?


Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent decision not only to apologize to Turkey but to compensate the families of “The Victims” killed during the Mavi Marmara operation in 2010, constitutes the biggest shame in Israel’s history since the near defeat during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. We are analysts and we do try very hard to sterilize our analyses from emotions, but should we had the chance to speak of our opinions publicly, we do not guarantee that the “sterilization procedure” would be as effective as now.

We will post the video below, where Israeli soldiers are beaten almost to death, by the so called “Turkish Activists”, the MIT agents who were on board to stage an Ottoman-style provocation. One is thrown off the ship. Yet, Mr Netanyahu at Obama’s behest, he apologized and he is about to grant compensation derived from the Israeli taxpayers to pay for the families of their so called “allies”. To us the event is as disgusting and pathetic as in the case of a man who asks for forgiveness from someone who assaulted his family. IS THIS MAN CAPABLE OF RUNNING ANY STATE, LET ALONE THE JEWISH ONE? DOES THIS MAN GUARANTEE THE SAFETY OF THE PEOPLE WHO FEAR FOR ANOTHER HOLOCAUST? DOES HE SEND THE RIGHT MESSAGES TO ISRAEL’S ENEMIES?

Rhetoric questions, all of the above, but we should have expected that. The most disgusting part is that Netanyahu himself did not want to dishonor himself and Israel as a whole, by apologizing. Since 2010 there were voices inside his government who prompted him to take the decision and apologize, but he did not. Thereby, the most disgusting part of the story is that once again he became Obama’s “YES MAN”! AS IN THE GAZA CASE, WHEN OBAMA ASKED HIM “FOR A LITTLE TIME”, AND THEN IT WAS TOO LATE TO STAGE AN INVASION. THAT WAS THE FIRST GRANT HUMILIATION OF ISRAEL IN THE EYES OF THE PEOPLE WHO FIRE ROCKETS TO CIVILIANS. DO YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE MR NETANYAHU? DON’T YOU SEE THAT BARACK OBAMA IS ANYTHING BUT PRO-ISRAELI? HE DOESN’T EVEN CARE WHETHER THE JEWISH STATE TURNS TO ASHES, YET NETANYAHU STILL FOLLOWS HIS “ORDERS”.

It’s so hilarious, especially if someone thinks of a similar occasion, when the Israelis were about to bomb Syria’s nuclear installation. Meir Dagan, the mighty and probable the best leader Mossad has ever had, went to Washington to meet George W. Bush! When Bush told him that he is already engaged in two fronts in the Middle East and America’s military backing would give the final blow to the country’s image, but what he suggested was expose Syria’s nuclear plans so that it could be forced under international pressure to dismantle the reactor, Ehud Olmert responded in July: “Your Strategy is very disturbing to me”.

SO, from the “Your Strategy is very disturbing to me” it has come down to “Aye me Lord!” coming from “Bibi’s” (Netanyahu nickname) mouth. Needless to point out that Meir Dagan and Netanyahu hate each other with actually Dagan hating Bibi even more, as ex Mossad’s “Iron Man Boss” cannot stand having a puppet leader! This is only natural.

We do wish to note something else in addition, something coming from Netanyahu’s family records. No, we do not wish to throw mud on his family, on the contrary the “Netanyahus” have a glorious name, which Bibi has not managed to live up to! His late older brother Yonatan Netanyahu was a war hero, not only because he fought during the Yom Kippur war but because he was leading a Sayeret Matkal (Israel’s best of the best Special Forces) during “Operation Entebbe”, when the honored soldier met his death. In fact he was the only military casualty the Israeli’s had, because most-if not all-Israeli commanders were applying the “Follow me” doctrine when in battle, rushing in the frontline themselves. Operation Entebbe was a counter hostage crisis having occurred after the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine along with the German Revolutionary Cells hijacked an Air France plane at Entebbe airport in Uganda.

The man’s death was not in vain, even though, unfortunately three hostages were killed, the rest of them were rescued! And after having narrated this story of courage and bravery we can’t help but wonder HOW WOULD HIS BROTHER REACT AFTER HAVING HEARD THAT A NATION WHO HAS STOOD SO MANY YEARS ON ITS OWN FEET HAS APOLOGIZED TO A GOVERNMENT OF CRIMINALS, PROVOCATEURS AND LIARS. A government which dares to defy the International law, claims territorial property from a Country, which is bankrupt, threatens to invade the rest of Cyprus if the drills by “Noble Energy” continue and last but not least put into the same category Zionism and Fascism as “crimes against humanity”. Is Erdogan going to apologize for those things in turn? We don’t think so!

Lieberman’s voice was the only one which stated emphatically: “An apology by the State of Israel on an Israel Defense Forces operation against a terror organization is a serious mistake. The apology hurts the motivation of IDF soldiers, strengthens extremists in the area and hurts Israel’s struggle along the righteous path. Erdogan’s refusal to apologize for his explicitly anti-Zionist remarks alongside the Israeli apology hurts Israel’s dignity and status in the region and the world”, while the opposition leader, Shelly Yacimovich, was giving “Bibi” a tap in the back for being a “good boy” to “lick were he spit”, we are terribly sorry but we can’t help ourselves using expressions, which fit only to traitors. That goes BOTH FOR OBAMA AND NETANYAHU, who ask how high each and every time Erdogan commands them to jump. And all that allegedly because “Turkey is a mighty nation”! If their fellow Greek political traitors had not been in power then Greece now would be the regional grand player. Greeks indeed have a lot of shortfalls, but they have a “clean record” in the region, they are not warmongers and they respect their deals. 

In the end what is going to happen is inevitable. Israel will get more involved in the Syrian crisis, a strategy which by the way lies far from the Country’s doctrine of not trying to topple Neighbor leaders (the only exception was when they tried to kill Saddam, but unfortunately during the “rehearsal” instead of a mock missile they used the real one and several commandos were killed, resulting in Yitzhak Rabin aborting the mission). If things don’t start to get complicated should the Western Forces decide to act militarily against President Assad, by using the most stupid pretext of Assad’s using BZ Chemical Weapons, then definitely things will get more complicated in three months from now when Obama will leave “Bibi” “out to dry” in terms of the Iran issue, as the US is far from willing to mess with the “Devil’s Triangle” (Iran-China-N.Korea).

“Bibi” is politically immature enough to order a strike performed by Israel single-handedly, but it is not Iraq in ’81 neither Syria in 2007. The “Mullahs” will threaten to retaliate and then “Bibi” will end up crying in Putin’s lap to convince the Iranian army not to wipe Israel off the map. Of course interventions have a price, Israel’s energy fields for example. Having analyzed the above, what other word would someone use to describe the situation if not “HIGH TREASON”?

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