Financial times verify our suggestions (once again)! Germany’s plan favorable for Russia-Update


Bloomberg has published Igor Shuvalov’s (Russia’ First Deputy Prime Minister) statements on the issue:

“It’s bad that someone’s going to lose something, but from the point of view of what Russia stands to gain, Russia is more likely gaining than losing,” Shuvalov said. The country may also see some inflows of capital as investors leave Cyprus.

The above was deducted from Bloomberg and you can see the whole article here.

The Cypriots have vetoed the “levy” according to fresh reports but this is not the end of this “mess”. In addition, the mere fact that the Eurogroup suggested such a decision to be taken has shaken the depositors’ confidence, so even though the deposits are safe for now, there will still be a huge capital outflow from Cyprus and possibly according to Shuvalov, Russia will see some inflows. Moreover, Germany got what it wanted, the historic agreement on the European Banking Union was signed today.

Perhaps it was never meant for the measure to be implemented, all that Germany had to do was “shake the tree” and in the end get what it wants! Be that as it may, we are expecting more to occur. Germany has some of the World’s biggest “vultures”, people who can actually “drive” the markets like George Soros did in 1992 during the Black Wednesday stock exchange events in London. Things are not yet “safe” for Cyprus and the time is definitely inappropriate for celebrations!



Once again, our evaluation of an ongoing, and in that case “apparent”, crisis has been correct. On Sunday 17/03 it was first published on and later here at Focus Dynamics Research Center what may have been the true reasons why Germany proceeded with this “obscure bailout”.

The response came from The Financial Times, you may have a look if you wish here.

Moreover, today the European Banking Supervision Mechanism was created or European Banking Union, as we had also written in the same articles. Specifically we had written: “…Still, though, the question is not answered, why would she {Chancellor Merkel} do that? The answer is in front of everyone’s eyes. Germany wants to pursue a banking union in its own terms and while banks possess the enormous power they keep on possessing, this will obscure Germany’s plans, which have always regarded the banks as merely “the means” rather than “the end” itself…”.

You can’t blame us for not warning that all those w0uld take place, but as we had stated in that article we do not wish to take sides, thus characterize if the above are correct or incorrect in moral terms. That’s not our job.

The report on the Banking Union can be f0und on the Website of the Green European Party here

We will be keeping you posted and up to date as we always do.

Alexandros Boufesis reporting for and its affiliated website Focus Dynamics Research Center

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