“Sleeping war demons”-Juncker “blasts” media with outrageous suggestions


Why is it that modern politicians in general fail to see the war situations when they arise, yet they fantasize on war in places there is little or no chance at all to break out?

For example, they downplay the situation in the Korean peninsula, which is gloomier than ever before, yet Mr Juncker, former Eurogroup chief speaks of “sleeping war demons in Europe”! Is this something like a curse or is it just another result after placing the wrong people at very important places? We don’t believe in “Demons”, thereby we don’t believe in curses. We do believe in human limited capabilities though, which can bring about disastrous results upon implementing the kind of policy being implemented today.

Mr Juncker’s statements was: “For my generation the common currency always meant politics of peace. Today I am to some extent saddened to see that too many in Europe are again lost in petty national thought processes”. In addition he said: Those who think that the question of war can never be raised in Europe any more may be massively wrong. The demons are not gone, they are only sleeping, as the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo have shown. I am astounded to what extent the European situation today is similar to 100 years ago”. He also went thus far as to criticize the Germans for their stance on Greece by saying that the attack left “deep wounds” in the Southern country. 

First of all the European Debt Crisis was perceived as a continuation of the Global Debt Crisis which erupted in September 2008. Greece specifically was amongst those Countries, which could borrow money with lower interest rates even than the US. It is true, one can have a look at the Greek spreads back then and compare them with those of the US. That occurred because Greek banks were least exposed to derivatives such as CDOs etc. When the new government lead by George Papandreou, though, took over the man literally destroyed everything by himself!!! He went crying out loud from one European Capital to another that “the Titanic is sinking”, “He is the leader of a corrupt country”, “People are corrupt because they don’t pay taxes” and that’s when it all started. Papandreou was an “American Boy” that’s why he is teaching at Harvard now, as if he had done something extraordinary and now he must pass it over to the next generations.

On top of everything there was a huge debate which started, fueled by the Media as well (which ended up being more corrupt by the government), over the issue of whether Greece is leaving or exiting the Euro. That debate, no matter how unbelievable and extraordinary it sounds, stopped last November. Thereby, billions of Euros migrated from the Greek banks to other states and the loans which were supplied by the “Troika” ended up filling black holes at the banks, as they could not even capitalize on what they had lost due to the outflow, let alone lend money. This is how growth stopped and the measures applied caused a humanitarian crisis. If Mr Juncker does not remember and he prefers to see “demons” or “consult with demons”, this is his way of dealing with things both now and back then, meaning that the responsibility burdens his shoulders as much as everyone else’s. Georgios Papandreou, who is a persona non grata to his own Country (of course he has stated he does not consider Greece as his own country) did exactly what the IMF and the other two “folks” told him in terms of cuts even in the private sector, but when Paul Thomsen was begging him to erase useless bodies in the public sector, which were there only to consume more money from the taxpayers, he did nothing. Paul Thomsen is not a Saint definitely, but the truth must be written, which is no other than the fact that he told him to cut off the public sector unnecessary spending first and then proceed to any further cuts whatsoever.

As for Germany, yes the administration’s behavior was not the best, but the reason why EU is still standing is Germany. Moreover if the EU had been politically unified non of this would have occurred, but how could the EU be unified when every state wanted to be in charge and the UK’s role was to sabotage a broader Union. Those are the facts and they can always be cross-referenced.

At the end of the day, Juncker was there and he was backing everything and everyone up, so we don’t think that he is the most appropriate person to criticize Germany or judge what should have been done correctly, as there is no evidence that he himself did something correctly while he was in charge of the Eurogroup. As for the wars in Europe, those statements are not contributing very much to the already “strained” situation European Societies are, on the one hand, on the other social unrest and war are completely different words and notions. Yes there is nationalism on the rise, even in Germany, however Greece is not in Mali chasing Uranium reserves, due to its rise of nationalism for example. Greece is not in Mali at all, France and the UK are. And what is the worst case scenario according to Mr Juncker? A Hitler number two spawning all of a sudden to one of the Countries of the South. Even if that happened, how could they wage war? Greece can hardly set its economic perimeter in the Aegean sea, this is an example of a country which has to go to war (like Britain and the Falklands case for example) and it doesn’t do so, because its political administration is afraid of Erdogan and they need his permission to drill in their own territory.

It’s better for Mr Juncker or for anyone who did possess a high ranked place when it all began not to talk at all.  

Alexandros Boufesis reporting for DefenseHorizon and Focus Research Center

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