Russian warships dock to Beirut-Bound to Tartus! They carry 700 commandos


The news comes almost at the same period when France and Britain announce that they will both push the European Union to lift the arms embargo imposed on the armed rebels in the Syrian “limbo”. As known, Russia and China have vetoed three times a “No Fly Zone” UNSC proposal, thus angering the West, which and on none legal ground whatsoever continued supporting the armed “gangs” killing Syrian people.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the European Union, Britain and France have announced today that they will still go ahead with their plans to arms the opposition, which saw some mini-victories lately, but still are bound to be short-lived. Since last summer Russian warships have been going in and out of Tartus, every now and again using various pretexts from deploying counter-terrorism “Spetsnaz” units from Caucasus in order to cope with the insurgents, to evacuating Russian citizens. This time they claim that their mission is still to evacuate Russian and in general ex-USSR citizens as al-Mayadeen television reported. Without ruling out that it’s the truth or part of the truth, the Russians are playing the usual “chicken game” with the West, although this time, things can get really out of hand.

Bashar Assad came many times close to victory and to resolving the hideous conflict, which evolved into a proxy war, with the West and the Arab League relying on mercenaries from Kosovo to Iran, even the Caucasus, in order to overthrow President’s Assad regime! Russian boots’ presence signified that the Russians are there, for starters, and if the British and French carry on with their plan to arm the rebels then they will tolerate no more confiscation of weaponry sent to Syria, either by sea or air.

Russia lately has been active not only in the diplomatic field but in the units dispatched as well, depending on the circumstances! That could mean that the Kremlin hardliners are going to see this through on their own way even if that means that they are going to rely on old Soviet power projection, in order to show the West that it cannot act on behalf of its country’s will. There have been two institutions whose decisions have been violated so far, first the UN and now the European Union. Those bodies, with all their flaws, do represent something and are meant to act and restrain a country from pursuing its own ambitious geostrategic goals! However humanitarian they wish to paint it from the outside, at the end of the day it still remains the same despicable act of arming Al-Qaeda affiliated groups, whose actions have been condemned even by the International Amnesty. That means that when and if this “vicious circle” ends, politicians have to face legal charges in the ICC for violating International laws and being responsible of creating a humanitarian crisis with 70,000 dead and over 1,000000 refugees!

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