North Korea is downplayed for all the wrong reasons

Korea Missile

The analyses that go around lately regarding the military potential of North Korea and its “inability” to materialize its extreme, yet unprecedented, provocations, couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many “Unicorns” which pose as “reasons” why the DPRK is unable to go forth with declaring a war, but those reasons are reminiscent of the same ones, which failed to admit that there was a civil war brewing in ex Yugoslavia or that the Arabs were ready to launch a counter-attack at Yom Kippur’s day, even though all the evidence was in front of the people. Perhaps this is a very good hiding spot for the real evidence after all, to be placed before the eyes of the “wrong people” being there at the “wrong time”. Still, though there is a saying which fits such occasions “better be safe than sorry”.

Myth a) North Korea does not have the necessary technology to mount a nuclear device on a projectile, such as an Intercontinental Missile for example

Our answer: How do they know? Were they there when the last nuclear test was performed? It’s not as easy to get in North Korea and “spy”, it’s not a country with its borders wide open. Unless Dennis Rodman asked “his mate Kim” when he got there and the later confirmed everything, but that is most unlikely. It is true that a uranium bomb weighs about 25 kgr, while a Plutonium one only 5, that is why the second can be mounted on missiles. The Israelis had the same problem when they were carrying out their researches and in the end they stole the schematics, which showed how to mount a nuke on a missile, from the US, at least this is the official story.

It doesn’t seem to even cross their mind that the final nuke test was meant only to provoke the UN and give the casus belli excuses both the Norths and the Chinese are itching for. Digest it at last! It’s not logical China to have state of the art weapons able to carry unconventional warheads and not to have shared it with the Norths.

b) “…Pyongyang is apparently convinced that the rest of the world is out to get them”. Pyongyang is not rules by Kim. Kim is busy playing basketball with his “bro” Dennis Rodman and allowing foreigners to “tweet” from their mobiles. Pyongyang is ruled by Kim Jong Il’s true heirs, which are the ultra hardliners never appearing on TV, never making any statements whatsoever. They define the Country’s trajectory and take all the necessary decisions. To put it bluntly: Is there anyone naive enough to believe that Kim Jong Il, who was “Stalin reincarnated” would leave the reigns of North Korea to a child? Even if this “child” is his son. In addition, the opening statement, the one which suggests that Pyongyang fears that the world is out to get them, well that’s hardly news, this mentality exists from Kim Il Sung’s era.

c) “…Chinese Professor Shi Yinhong said in a recent interview that the nuclear test’s goal was “strengthening his [Kim Jon Un] reputation as leader with the North Korean public and the military”. The Chinese are playing the “magic flute” and as it seems “The Cobra” dances in the hypnotic rhythms. What the Chinese are claiming are “fantasy stories” meant to fall on ears which want to be convinced

d) “Finally, Pyongyang is testing the limits of recent changes in the region’s political landscape”. Pyongyang doesn’t “call the shots”, Beijing does, and “speak of the devil” the new “Maestro” of the Chinese Leadership, Xi Zhinping is a man with profound military ambitions for China. Is it possible the Senkaku crisis along with the Norths’ behavior to constitute two facts which are mutually excluded? If yes, then why did the “provocation game” intensify when some “geniuses” from Washington announced the Country’s new Asia-Pac doctrine, without considering the least, which is their entanglement in the Middle East? 

e) “North Korea is aware that its future depends primarily on neighboring China, its last remaining ally in the region. But Chinese scholars and journalists are currently busy wondering if Beijing should maintain its ties to Pyongyang. All it has to do to bring Kim Jong Un and his cronies to their knees is turn off the oil tap and halt food supplies”. Sure, China, which is on expansion mode will just dump the card to take advantage of North Korea in order to unite the peninsula. In addition, of course we should “believe them”, “they said so”, “they stated it”! Do politicians lie? Never, so why would the Chinese lie? In fact they are not only lying, they are staging the best stratagem ever made and the rest are just falling for it, not least because as we said they want to believe this, as they don’t want any more problems. So the doctrine “China said so, thus it’s true” is not very plausible is it?

To those five “unicorns” let’s add a “dramatic” coincidence, which reflects reality to some extent. The new South Korean President is female. Indeed, the Norths want to test her reactions as the Arabs tested Golda Meir, but they do play her as they played Golda Meir, and once the reactions are tested no one should rule out that the Norths will proceed as planned!

This storm which is coming is very real and the Chinese will use Iran in order to tie down the Americans in the Middle East while provoking them to fight their battle at the Pacific at the same time. Those “guys” have done their homework, they have read Sun Tzu, why don’t the Western Politicians just do the same? No matter how hard they may find it they will eventually spot the similarities.

Alexandros Boufesis reporting both for and Focus Dynamics Research Center

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