“War and the cities”- Kerry, Hollande,Syria and Israel’s security-Is it Diplomacy or a far fetched soap opera?

Sex and the City

The Syrian crisis begins to appear more like the “Sex and the City” series (or any similar far fetched soap opera), in the way events, leaders and states are entangled with each other. We mean no disrespect to the Syrian people, who have lost everything including loved ones or to Syria, which as a State is trying to find its path in a Middle East more than ever. On the contrary, the disrespect stands for the politicians who have not the necessary abilities to tie their shoelaces, never mind solve up something which has begun, Middle East’s worst tragedy. At times like those, what comes in our mind are the words of Vin Diesel starring in the Hollywood blockbuster “Babylon A.D”

“…Sh**, rats in a cage would have done it better. Life’s a bi** and then you die – bumper sticker philosophy…”

That said, it is this “bumper sticker philosophy” which has produced this quagmire “The players” find themselves in.

John Kerry wants Washington to deal with Moscow directly regarding the Syrian issue, yet as DEBKA reports “No sooner had the Secretary Kerry departed Paris for Rome Wednesday, than Hollande was on his way to Moscow to scout out a role for France”, a statement which depicts US’s disapproval of Hollande’s “sudden” broadening of France’s role as a mediator in the Syrian crisis. It’s one thing to have made a deal to be “Washington’s proxy” in Africa, in order to counter China’s growing presence in the continent and another to try to “stick your nose” in a territory which is already arbitrated by the US. This is what happens, though, when ex empires re assume a role in the global Geopolitical “chessboard”, they don’t know when to stop. Washington’s annoyance by Hollande’s assertions was shown in another case, that concerning the SouthEastern Mediterranean territory, when Hollande had infiltrated as Europe’s guarantor, offering the two FREMMs along with the Naval Aircrafts to the Greek government, which ended up eventually preferring to abide by the American point of view, that of splitting the Aegean in two halves when it comes to the exploitation of the Natural Resources.

At the same time, and as DefenseHorizon had reported here, Assad’s decision to withdraw the fifth division stationed in Golan has caused Israel severe trouble, as the Al-Qaeda affiliated group Jabhat al Nusra shells Israeli positions from the Golan heights (that was the intention of the fifth division’s withdrawal anyway, after Israel started bombing convoys and Syrian installations, not to mention the “No Fly Zone” over Lebanon and Syria, targeting alleged chemical weapons carried from Syria to Hizbullah, thereby technically placing itself at war with Syria). As a result, Israel threatens that it is going to proceed to retaliatory strikes, thus seizing further territory in the Golan heights, something that Vitaly Churkin, the Russian delegate in the UN discourages, as it will hinder the bilateral efforts of Washington and Moscow to resolve-at last-the Syrian crisis.

There’s more, though, coming from John Kerry, who, according to RIA NOVOSTI, keeps blaming Russia for the situation in Syria (wait a second, isn’t he supposed to work with the Russians to resolve the crisis instead of blaming them?)!!! On March 4 he stated that:

“The bad actors, regrettably, have no shortage of their ability to get weapons from Iran, from Hezbollah, from Russia, unfortunately, and that’s happening”. Well, ironically speaking, there are no bad actors, as the series has a definitely catchy scenario, although sometimes too complicated to grasp, but that’s alright we guess, as even those who write it haven’t caught it yet. As if those statements weren’t bad enough for the two alleged “mediators”, US Sens. John Cornyn and James Inhofe urged new US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to abide strictly by a statute prohibiting the Pentagon from doing business with Rosoboronexport, according to the Washington-based nonprofit Human Rights First. 

We can’t help but wonder how the Syrian drama can be resolved by people who can only star in comedy shows and have no idea whatsoever of what they are doing or where they are headed to!

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