The case of Bradley Manning-Not a hero just a child manipulated by grown-ups

Bradley Manning is escorted away from his Article 32 hearing

Bradley Manning got to read his full-rather overextended- personal statement regarding what he leaked and why he leaked what is considered to be the largest flow of confidential information in the history of the US.

This opinion is ours only and it reflects on our beliefs regarding ethnic entities such as states, which are being undermined for quite some time and specifically after the fall of the ex USSR. Before we proceed to further comments on the transcript of Mr Manning’s statement, we would like to take the opportunity to clarify our positions on a “couple” of things. First of all, do we like the US has behaved in terms of promoting its Geostrategic interests? Absolutely no! Do we think that war crimes have been committed? We believe that we are not the ones to judge whether or not those crimes have been committed, as we have no legal jurisdiction or even right to do so! We do know this though! In times of Peace, greater crimes have been committed in the name of “Progress” and just for the sake of being more specific, we invite our viewers visiting Greece to take a closer look at the people living in Athens, on the streets. The country is in no war, yet people are starving, more than 4,500 have committed suicide since the crisis kicked off, the country’s Natural Resources are being given for free for a couple of FREMMs, parents leave their kids to orphanages, family men search the garbage in order to find some food etc. The definitions regarding war and peace should definitely be reevaluated and redefined.

So, we’ve made it clear, we don’t like how the US is behaving lately and that is being reflected on the articles published on this page, but is this reason good enough in order to back up people who, despite their motives (even though those motives are highly questionable), undermine the State’s existence, rules and structures? Definitely not! Nobody has the right to do such thing as bypassing something which is tagged confidential for a reason, just because supposedly he can’t live with himself and wants to share it with the “people”. Throughout history there have been honest, good men and women who have served their Countries by preserving their “rights” and “secrets” and those “secrets” have been far from “pleasant”, yet, we have mentioned that before, the world of espionage and intelligence is built on the ends justifies the means saying.

Let’s dig a bit deeper though so that we can all be surprised by the state of anarchy we all live under. “Power to the people”, this is the most disgusting lie ever created, within the context of “influence of the masses”, even a 3 year old can understand that we are a society which craves for laws and rules in order to keep ourselves away from becoming entities in a huge jungle, thus letting Darwinism decide who is going to live and who is going to die. There is nothing wrong with power being in the hands of the people through a Democratic governing system, which involves state and non-state actors. But just like the State and the Church are supposed to have different roles, shouldn’t this be applied to the aforementioned entities? If the State strives to suppress non-state actors then the society moves towards a despotic rule of law, whereas if the opposite happens, as today for example, then the Oligarchs and those that seek to undermine state structures are “having the time of their life”!

Why? Because there are many reasons! Human greed, pride, vanity, the 7 deadly sins, to name just a few. Those who were tasked to bring down the Soviet Union, were not ordered to stop when they accomplished their goal, so their problem is now that they bit off more than they can chew. This stalemate, this model of anarchy that was created-never mind how-can only constitute a dark prelude of times of tyranny lying ahead of us, not because of US’s expansionism but because of sociological issues like the ones associated with the human being, lacking the appropriate ethical background in order to manage its excelled nature and what does it do then? The people feel disappointed, disgusted from the lawlessness and the lack of any restrictive measures whatsoever, that they demand their liberties taken back. For their own sake! And this is the greatest of all the ironies and a proof if we may tag it as such, that human evolution goes both ways.

The “romantic” little chat that Bradley Manning was having with his “Boyfriend” as to what repercussions the release of sensitive data would bring about to the Global Geopolitical Status Quo, before releasing the cables to a simple fortune-seeker (Julian Assange), who has been glorified by people who do not know what they do, is nothing but a fake showcase and those responsible for this pseudo-projection of what is right, what is wrong, what is classified have disappeared in the dark corners of history. They are the ones responsible for the creation of a generation, which is so weak that they find the notion of “serving their country” as relative as their faith to God, their spouse-be it male or female we are not here to judge that-their feelings to their society, for them everything is prone to alterations, everything depends on what they will feel like doing at any particular moment, without any mature thoughts of how their actions might hurt their comrades in arms, their country, themselves at the end of the day.

No country, no matter what its nature is, no matter what it has done, deserves the public humiliation the US has gone through. Mitrokhin was no hero, Suvorov was no hero, bloody Robert Hansen and Aldrich Ames were no heroes, so what makes this case a special one? What makes Bradley Manning less a traitor than the others who have done the same thing? Just because he gave it “to the people”? What people? Those who believe that “they have the power”, whereas at the same time the same ones who offer them such superfluous ideas, conspire behind their backs trying to find new ways of imposing a global tyranny?

Bradley Manning is no hero, neither is Julian Assange, but Manning is just a boy manipulated by tedious, dark and politically motivated personalities like Assange. Men who have experienced the bitterness and the unfairness of their political systems were the first ones to sacrifice themselves. Socrates, Pausanias, John Fidgerald Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, are but a few examples of people who really wanted to change the world and they did “jump off the fence” only to find out that they were about to fall into a vast emptiness. Julian Assange cannot even be compared to men like those. He knew exactly what he was doing, where he was going to fall and above all, he trusted his “sponsors”, who up until now still protect him! We just wonder, until when? 

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