U.S. sends B-2 stealth bombers over South Korea-DPRK says response imminent


The United States said Thursday it sent stealth bombers to South Korea to participate in annual military exercises amid spiking tensions with North Korea.The B-2 Spirit bombers flew more than 6,500 miles from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri to South Korea, dropping inert munitions there as part of the exercises, before returning to the U.S. mainland, the U.S Forces in Korea said in a statement.The mission by the planes, which can carry both conventional and nuclear weapons, “demonstrates the United States’ ability to conduct long range, precision strikes quickly and at will,” the statement said. U.S. response to North Korea threats. The U.S. military’s announcement earlier this month that it was flying B-52 bombers over South Korea to participate in the routine exercises prompted an angry reaction from the North, which has unleashed a torrent of threats in the past few weeks.

“The Spirits” as the B-2 types are codenamed, threw dummy bombs over South Korea in the framework of a common exercise. According to Chuck Hagel, the move was meant to reassure the Southerns instead of annoying the Norths, but that matters little, since the US had to test the North’s response after the new circle of rhetoric which includes bombing with nukes US military bases in Okinawa, Guam, Hawaii, to name just a few. Reportedly the N.Korean rockets are on standby following the signing off from Kim Jong Un himself. Those rockets, as stated are targeting US and US allied territories and theoretically with the armistice being annulled and every means of communication having been cut off with the hermit kingdom, “The birds” may start flying any minute, if of course the Norths do indeed possess this capability. If this is a gamble, then the best poker faces in Blackjack have a lot “to learn” from those unprecedented “bluffs”.

We would like to take the opportunity to reiterate our concerns regarding the situations which are

a) It is likely that the DPRK has been helped by either China or Iran or both to modernize its Arsenal

b) It is also likely that the Chinese want the US to “take the bait” and get involved in the Asian Pacific theater much earlier than the US officials had expected

c) After Xi’s visit to Moscow, a subject which we have analyzed thoroughly, as we do wish to believe, and following the “talks” regarding a Counter New World Order as if the US had already lost a war, things look even more ominous.

d) The recent revelations that NATO does indeed possess a plan in order to establish a No Fly Zone over Syria along with what DEBKAFILES has revealed today in regard to the Saudi Prince who armed the rebels with MLRS systems from ex Yugoslavian countries and the subsequent dissolution (with blows and shrills as DEBKA mentions) of the Arab League Conference, make up the perfect timing for diversion from the Middle East to Asia Pacific.

Anyway we look at this it’s now or never for the BRICS countries which unanimously regard the US as a huge threat to global stability and when it comes to Russia and China, particularly China, this constitutes a problem which has to be dealt with as soon as possible. Noone guarantees Russia’s involvement in this, no matter what this “strategic partnership” with China means, but today’s drills in the Black Sea region, do come as a response towards a joint US-Georgia common drill (Agile Spirit 2013), which started on the 22nd of March and was meant to finish off today (29th). That said, Russia will definitely see a window of opportunity to square things out in Central Asia, fixing “The Georgian Problem” and if need be the “Nagorno-Karabach” as well. In the second case, though, it may have to clash swords with Turkey, which is a NATO member, so one way or another it’s more or less the Russian-Chinese side fighting against an expanding NATO, at the backdrop of the worst financial crisis since 1929. 

We do pray that we are mistaken and this whole thing is just a gamble, but strangely enough we have the feeling that the swords are already drawn.  


Germany, The alleged “demise of the Eurozone” and the banking wars!


Here we go again with the “Greece 2” case, being played all over again in Cyprus, although now for completely different reasons, serving completely different purposes. We have once more the “usual strangers” speaking of the demise of the Euro and the Eurozone, but if we had one penny everytime this phrase was written, we would be…worrying about our bank savings honestly. The last one was a joke, meaning that we would be oligarchs as well having been reassured that our money is well deposited in the “tax free paradises” and it would be more likely for the Eurozone to be destroyed rather than our savings to “evaporate”.

We are here, though, as ordinary people, above all judging the situation from a scientific and a sociological perspective, not to mention a historical one as well. For the last time, let’s note, The Eurozone will be fine.

We have seen this very same scenario when Vladimir Putin was unleashing a “pogrom” against his country’s oligarchs, well it worked back then, so much so, that Germany decided to apply the same politics on a Euro/Global scale. Both Germany and Russia have more to win than to lose and this was first stated by us, then well esteemed publications such as the Financial Times published something analogous, which was on the same line. Then Bloomberg published the First Deputy’s Prime Minister statement about Russia having more to gain than lose and last but not least the Russian President’s adviser spoke of the beginning-not of the end of the Eurozone-but the beginning of a worldwide de-offshorization process. The message is clear both from the German and the Russian side, “you can run but you can’t hide, we will find you and we will tax you”. There’s no more Panama, Caymans, Marshal islands, Cyprus and so on and so forth. It is unbelievably provocative for some to hold the world’s GDP in offshore companies and banks and to go untaxed, while the majority of the people of the Western economies strive to make a living.

In Greece, Germany used other measures, but that was not a decision based on lack of “prior inspiration” in terms of taxing the bank deposits. When the whole thing started, Germany needed the banks, the EU was at best, a loosely connected networks of reluctant states, each wanting to follow its own way. If there ever was a danger for the Euro to collapse was before the financial crisis of 2008, not after. We base this statement on the fact that the “external blows” that Europe has suffered made it more resilient, as the member states began gathering around Germany. Some tend to forget history, yet history is very important. In the not so distant past, during the ’90s, Germany spent enormous sums of money to rebuild Berlin, which was until then divided by The Wall, yet few are aware that this money came from Germany’s victory in the stock exchange rallies, which marked the “Black Wednesday” and laid the foundations for the creation of the Euro.

The questions that “float around” are logical, indeed, but for each answer there is a different reference point. Germany is not pursuing the laissez-faire, at least not anymore. That said, would it be wise to try to understand what Germany is doing based on a completely different platform? No, of course not! And it’s not that they have not stated it! They have, multiple times, indicated their intentions, yet the rigidity of this mentality having started during the geoeconomic era does not allow the Economists to judge correctly, not to mention the billions the speculators are throwing in the markets, totally convinced that the Euro is going to fall! Germany’s pincers have been closing around the banks for at least three years and those that have not seen it were either blind or naive! The bankers yielded too much power to allow Germany to proceed with a banking union, based on the interests of the nation! It’s an early 2000s Russian “deja-vous” all over again!

If Germany managed to cover the expenses of rebuilding Berlin by exploiting its gains from the currency wars during the ’90s, one can only imagine what it can do by dipping its hands in the “Blackbeard’s Treasure”. Of course there will be a migration of funds, for now, and European banks will face a capitalization problem sooner rather than later, but we are talking about a lot of money here, the sum of which can cover the recapitalization of the European banks plus extra money, which are going to be funneled in the States’ real economies in order for them to be revived!

What we now see in the news is the reaction of the banks, in a banking war rather than a currency one contrary to what economists had talked about some time ago. In the US they may be printing money, but in the EU no citizen will be blaming Germany once the purged will have finished. This constitutes a grand scale political victory as well, in the eyes of the “Beholder”, in that case the people, as the Germans will eventually compare Greece, where people are dying and the Country faces humanitarian problems, to the “New Solution”, as being more humanitarian. What’s more, they will not hesitate to put the blame on the banks when the time comes, for not letting them apply the same measures to revive the Greek economy, instead of destroying it.  

Netanyahu-“The Unforgiven”-Is this how you honor Yonatan’s memory Mr PM?


Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent decision not only to apologize to Turkey but to compensate the families of “The Victims” killed during the Mavi Marmara operation in 2010, constitutes the biggest shame in Israel’s history since the near defeat during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. We are analysts and we do try very hard to sterilize our analyses from emotions, but should we had the chance to speak of our opinions publicly, we do not guarantee that the “sterilization procedure” would be as effective as now.

We will post the video below, where Israeli soldiers are beaten almost to death, by the so called “Turkish Activists”, the MIT agents who were on board to stage an Ottoman-style provocation. One is thrown off the ship. Yet, Mr Netanyahu at Obama’s behest, he apologized and he is about to grant compensation derived from the Israeli taxpayers to pay for the families of their so called “allies”. To us the event is as disgusting and pathetic as in the case of a man who asks for forgiveness from someone who assaulted his family. IS THIS MAN CAPABLE OF RUNNING ANY STATE, LET ALONE THE JEWISH ONE? DOES THIS MAN GUARANTEE THE SAFETY OF THE PEOPLE WHO FEAR FOR ANOTHER HOLOCAUST? DOES HE SEND THE RIGHT MESSAGES TO ISRAEL’S ENEMIES?

Rhetoric questions, all of the above, but we should have expected that. The most disgusting part is that Netanyahu himself did not want to dishonor himself and Israel as a whole, by apologizing. Since 2010 there were voices inside his government who prompted him to take the decision and apologize, but he did not. Thereby, the most disgusting part of the story is that once again he became Obama’s “YES MAN”! AS IN THE GAZA CASE, WHEN OBAMA ASKED HIM “FOR A LITTLE TIME”, AND THEN IT WAS TOO LATE TO STAGE AN INVASION. THAT WAS THE FIRST GRANT HUMILIATION OF ISRAEL IN THE EYES OF THE PEOPLE WHO FIRE ROCKETS TO CIVILIANS. DO YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE MR NETANYAHU? DON’T YOU SEE THAT BARACK OBAMA IS ANYTHING BUT PRO-ISRAELI? HE DOESN’T EVEN CARE WHETHER THE JEWISH STATE TURNS TO ASHES, YET NETANYAHU STILL FOLLOWS HIS “ORDERS”.

It’s so hilarious, especially if someone thinks of a similar occasion, when the Israelis were about to bomb Syria’s nuclear installation. Meir Dagan, the mighty and probable the best leader Mossad has ever had, went to Washington to meet George W. Bush! When Bush told him that he is already engaged in two fronts in the Middle East and America’s military backing would give the final blow to the country’s image, but what he suggested was expose Syria’s nuclear plans so that it could be forced under international pressure to dismantle the reactor, Ehud Olmert responded in July: “Your Strategy is very disturbing to me”.

SO, from the “Your Strategy is very disturbing to me” it has come down to “Aye me Lord!” coming from “Bibi’s” (Netanyahu nickname) mouth. Needless to point out that Meir Dagan and Netanyahu hate each other with actually Dagan hating Bibi even more, as ex Mossad’s “Iron Man Boss” cannot stand having a puppet leader! This is only natural.

We do wish to note something else in addition, something coming from Netanyahu’s family records. No, we do not wish to throw mud on his family, on the contrary the “Netanyahus” have a glorious name, which Bibi has not managed to live up to! His late older brother Yonatan Netanyahu was a war hero, not only because he fought during the Yom Kippur war but because he was leading a Sayeret Matkal (Israel’s best of the best Special Forces) during “Operation Entebbe”, when the honored soldier met his death. In fact he was the only military casualty the Israeli’s had, because most-if not all-Israeli commanders were applying the “Follow me” doctrine when in battle, rushing in the frontline themselves. Operation Entebbe was a counter hostage crisis having occurred after the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine along with the German Revolutionary Cells hijacked an Air France plane at Entebbe airport in Uganda.

The man’s death was not in vain, even though, unfortunately three hostages were killed, the rest of them were rescued! And after having narrated this story of courage and bravery we can’t help but wonder HOW WOULD HIS BROTHER REACT AFTER HAVING HEARD THAT A NATION WHO HAS STOOD SO MANY YEARS ON ITS OWN FEET HAS APOLOGIZED TO A GOVERNMENT OF CRIMINALS, PROVOCATEURS AND LIARS. A government which dares to defy the International law, claims territorial property from a Country, which is bankrupt, threatens to invade the rest of Cyprus if the drills by “Noble Energy” continue and last but not least put into the same category Zionism and Fascism as “crimes against humanity”. Is Erdogan going to apologize for those things in turn? We don’t think so!

Lieberman’s voice was the only one which stated emphatically: “An apology by the State of Israel on an Israel Defense Forces operation against a terror organization is a serious mistake. The apology hurts the motivation of IDF soldiers, strengthens extremists in the area and hurts Israel’s struggle along the righteous path. Erdogan’s refusal to apologize for his explicitly anti-Zionist remarks alongside the Israeli apology hurts Israel’s dignity and status in the region and the world”, while the opposition leader, Shelly Yacimovich, was giving “Bibi” a tap in the back for being a “good boy” to “lick were he spit”, we are terribly sorry but we can’t help ourselves using expressions, which fit only to traitors. That goes BOTH FOR OBAMA AND NETANYAHU, who ask how high each and every time Erdogan commands them to jump. And all that allegedly because “Turkey is a mighty nation”! If their fellow Greek political traitors had not been in power then Greece now would be the regional grand player. Greeks indeed have a lot of shortfalls, but they have a “clean record” in the region, they are not warmongers and they respect their deals. 

In the end what is going to happen is inevitable. Israel will get more involved in the Syrian crisis, a strategy which by the way lies far from the Country’s doctrine of not trying to topple Neighbor leaders (the only exception was when they tried to kill Saddam, but unfortunately during the “rehearsal” instead of a mock missile they used the real one and several commandos were killed, resulting in Yitzhak Rabin aborting the mission). If things don’t start to get complicated should the Western Forces decide to act militarily against President Assad, by using the most stupid pretext of Assad’s using BZ Chemical Weapons, then definitely things will get more complicated in three months from now when Obama will leave “Bibi” “out to dry” in terms of the Iran issue, as the US is far from willing to mess with the “Devil’s Triangle” (Iran-China-N.Korea).

“Bibi” is politically immature enough to order a strike performed by Israel single-handedly, but it is not Iraq in ’81 neither Syria in 2007. The “Mullahs” will threaten to retaliate and then “Bibi” will end up crying in Putin’s lap to convince the Iranian army not to wipe Israel off the map. Of course interventions have a price, Israel’s energy fields for example. Having analyzed the above, what other word would someone use to describe the situation if not “HIGH TREASON”?

Sergei Glazyev implies Cyprus would be better off in the Eurasian Union


Sergei Glazyev, Vladimir Putin’s adviser, implied that Cyprus would be eligible to a Russian loan if it was a member of the Eurasian Union. In fact, we do not think that the word “imply” is appropriate in this situations. His statement sounded more like a proposal. Was it actually suggested to the Cyprus’s finance Minister to exit the European Union and enter Russia’s Eurasian Union? Could that be the reason why Moscow is so reluctant to help Cyprus this time? Even more importantly though, is Moscow ready to handle the turbulent Geostrategy of the locus where the SE Mediterranean and the Middle East converge?

The presidential adviser started off by stating what DefenseHorizon and Focus Dynamics Research Center had actually suggested from the beginning, the procedure of the de-offshorization, or as we had put it:

We do not wish to take position regarding Eurogroup’s decision, we are just analyzing it and we can see that indeed it is serving both European and Russian interests, in spite of the Russian “nagging” that numerous businesses will be destroyed, yes maybe they will, but what matters is the repatriation of the capital and the purge of those who evaded taxes. Not to mention the strike against the “Cayman Oligarchs” who are now start sweating, as they do realize that there is no such thing as “Tax Paradise”, at least not anymore!”, Please do feel free and read our article here.

“Cyprus is the first offshore to go, the rest (of them) will follow,” those were Mr. Glazyev’s exact words in an interview with the state-owned Russian TV channel Rossiya 24. Russia’s plans to purge the oligarchs in order to counter societal inequality has been a matter of more than a decade, actually it has marked President Putin’s initial steps and the subsequent “elimination” of Mikhail Khodorkovski, ex Yukos’s boss, by putting him to jail for tax evasion. Once again, we do not wish to approve or disapprove, however admittedly a bipolar society comprised of ultra rich and ultra poor is as short lived as dangerous. This great “chasm” between the poor and the rich was enlarged once the Middle Class started to shrink after the first hit on Bear Stearns in 2007 and these from 2008 onwards. For the B.R.I.C.S this chasm constitutes their “curse”, as countries like Brazil, India and China may show astonishing results in terms of their GDP, but their GDP per capita undermines their societal cohesion.

It had already been announced once Russia took over Presidency of the G20 that it would proceed with reforms such as creation of more jobs, reforming the currency system and financial regulation and control, ensuring stability of global energy markets, facilitating international development, strengthening multilateral trade and fighting corruption. The case of Cyprus if viewed through Glazyev’s statement is an example of Russia’s “moods” in terms of what now constitutes the so called “Shadow economy” and the unbelievable amount of money stored in tax free paradises such as the Cayman and Marshal Island and last but not least Cyprus as well. From the looks of it, Putin has found an ally willing to purge the rich, the banks and the oligarchs, Germany. Of course Germany has strong motives in terms of putting the Country’s interests above those of the geoeconomic players, which as stated previously, are seen as the “means” rather than “the end” itself.

Glazyev, though, stated something else in addition: “We could have solved the problems of Cyprus if it (the country) were in our jurisdiction,” Mr. Glazyev said, adding that Cyprus could have asked for a loan from the Eurasian Economic Community, or EurAsEC, under those circumstances.

It’s one thing to start a purge against the global oligarchs who refuse to pay taxes and another to engulf a country with extra serious Geostrategic issues. Russia already has unresolved matters in Central Asia, poking into the SE Mediterranean and the Middle East will not make them go away. On the contrary, Cyprus may have rich oil and gas fields, but foreign policy is not all about oil and gas. The “I want it all and I want it now” in that case can become something that Russia is about to bite without being able to chew, though.

Cyprus still has the invasion issue to resolve, which is pending since the 1974 invasion. The invasion was facilitated by American interests, thus it was not allowed to Greece to respond militarily. We will give an example. Greece then had just acquired the older Type 209 subs from Germany, which were for their age “state of the art”. The anti-sub warfare capabilities of the Turkish landing ships could not match the range of Type 209’s torpedo, which could be launched from as far as 12 nautical miles. Bottom line: At least three Type 209s were patrolling the area and they had the landing ships on their scopes. The order, though never came. They never fired, they never stopped the invasion. Moreover, we should note that at this time the relationship between the British MI6 and the CIA was at its Nadir, almost frozen, as the British were furious over US’s decision to split the island in two. Notably, the British still have interests in Cyprus and they still perceive themselves as Superpower.

That said, even if the Americans remain idle and do nothing to provoke tensions in the area, it is almost as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow that the British will flare up the Turks in order to provoke an all out war. Surely, Turkey is not a problem for the Russian army. It shouldn’t be a problem for the Greek army either in spite of having the second largest army in NATO (who said the wise quote, “size does not count”?). The problem is that if Turkey provokes Russia and Russia responds, then the whole NATO is obliged to respond according to article 7. Is Russia ready for this? No! Even if it was, the oil and gas revenues do not worth this trouble.

It’s not only in Cyprus, though, that the Turks have dipped their fingers in, it’s the Aegean as well. Having engulfed Cyprus, Russia will, albeit indirectly, inherit the problems in the Aegean Sea, the so called “Grey Zones”, which is a Greek issue, but still in that case it will pose more like a regional issue. And naturally, last but not least, there’s Israel and the Arabs, meaning that unless Russia manages to establish at least the same type of relations the US and Israel have, then Israel is not very likely to appreciate the Russians tip toeing over the edge of their Exclusive Economic Zone. Israel has made a military alliance with Cyprus just in case something “unpleasant” occurs from the Turkish side. It is not certain at all whether inheriting the region, Russia will manage to inherit the alliance as well.

Even though Russia may feel confident to expand its peripheral hegemony and pose as a broader player in regions like the Mediterranean sea for example or has aspirations to participate in the resolve of the Palestinian issue let’s say, the dangers far outweigh the gains from such an attempt.

Russia is developing into a power, which by 2020 is expected to be even mightier than its predecessor, the USSR, still though the year is 2013 and the conventional capabilities of Russia as they stand now prohibit it from confronting NATO. Not to mention, that in general a confrontation between NATO and the Russian Federation should be averted by all means necessary, rather than being directly or indirectly pursued. The same stands for both sides!

Financial times verify our suggestions (once again)! Germany’s plan favorable for Russia-Update


Bloomberg has published Igor Shuvalov’s (Russia’ First Deputy Prime Minister) statements on the issue:

“It’s bad that someone’s going to lose something, but from the point of view of what Russia stands to gain, Russia is more likely gaining than losing,” Shuvalov said. The country may also see some inflows of capital as investors leave Cyprus.

The above was deducted from Bloomberg and you can see the whole article here.

The Cypriots have vetoed the “levy” according to fresh reports but this is not the end of this “mess”. In addition, the mere fact that the Eurogroup suggested such a decision to be taken has shaken the depositors’ confidence, so even though the deposits are safe for now, there will still be a huge capital outflow from Cyprus and possibly according to Shuvalov, Russia will see some inflows. Moreover, Germany got what it wanted, the historic agreement on the European Banking Union was signed today.

Perhaps it was never meant for the measure to be implemented, all that Germany had to do was “shake the tree” and in the end get what it wants! Be that as it may, we are expecting more to occur. Germany has some of the World’s biggest “vultures”, people who can actually “drive” the markets like George Soros did in 1992 during the Black Wednesday stock exchange events in London. Things are not yet “safe” for Cyprus and the time is definitely inappropriate for celebrations!



Once again, our evaluation of an ongoing, and in that case “apparent”, crisis has been correct. On Sunday 17/03 it was first published on http://www.defensehorizon.com and later here at Focus Dynamics Research Center what may have been the true reasons why Germany proceeded with this “obscure bailout”.

The response came from The Financial Times, you may have a look if you wish here.

Moreover, today the European Banking Supervision Mechanism was created or European Banking Union, as we had also written in the same articles. Specifically we had written: “…Still, though, the question is not answered, why would she {Chancellor Merkel} do that? The answer is in front of everyone’s eyes. Germany wants to pursue a banking union in its own terms and while banks possess the enormous power they keep on possessing, this will obscure Germany’s plans, which have always regarded the banks as merely “the means” rather than “the end” itself…”.

You can’t blame us for not warning that all those w0uld take place, but as we had stated in that article we do not wish to take sides, thus characterize if the above are correct or incorrect in moral terms. That’s not our job.

The report on the Banking Union can be f0und on the Website of the Green European Party here

We will be keeping you posted and up to date as we always do.

Alexandros Boufesis reporting for http://www.defensehorizon.com and its affiliated website Focus Dynamics Research Center

Germany’s Gambit in Cyprus-Don’t judge too fast, nothing is what it seems!


The recent EU’s decision on Cyprus for a bailout with the precondition that this will take place through the citizens’ savings in banks has sparked venomous reactions both from the citizens of Cyprus and the “gurus” of the laissez-faire economy such as “The Economist” magazine for example.

Let’s look at the facts first, though. Eurozone countries and international creditors imposed the levy of up to 9.9 percent on all deposits. Reportedly the sums that are below 100,000 Euros will only be subject to this “haircut” at a 6.75%. The conservative recently elected President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has a rather negative history in terms of his patriotic “inclinations” when he supported the infamous “Annan Plan”, which mediated a bargain between Greek-Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to acknowledge two different states on the island, even though the Turkish part of the island is considered as a “diplomatic anomaly”, formed after the ruthless invasion in Cyprus by the Turks in 1974. The “Annan plan” was subject to a referendum and it was ultimately turned down by the Cypriots, but Anastasiades, even though he did get elected, still carried “this stain on his shirt”.

In regard to the still pending levy (it has yet to be ratified by the Cypriot Parliament and the government asked for a one day postponement) things are much more complicated than they seem. If the Germans used Greece as a “Guinea Pig”, as it is stated and to some extent it is true, that was in order to promote a political union. In Cyprus we see the initiative of promoting a banking union. Germany has not been “in the best terms” with banks since 2008. Even with the Country’s ones and that is paradoxical, because Germany is often promoted for the way it views the Economy as a whole, which could be actually characterized as neo-liberal. Nevertheless Chancellor Merkel herself did not hesitate to condemn with the strongest of words the Anglosaxon financial system when the crisis in 2008 was manifested. This can mean two things. First, Germany is playing the card of conservatism or neo-liberalism accordingly and when it is necessary. The second reason is more thorough and fits more to Germany’s profile. Germany does indeed see the economy through the “neo-liberals’ eyes” although the mentality is different, as Germany has “the next step” in mind, which is the formation of a confederation.

That said and with the upcoming elections one should wonder why Merkel would shoot everyone and Germany “in the leg” by setting a precedent of an “obscure bailout”? Why would she risk the dissolution of the European Union? True, events have shown that she has been risky in the last three years, but those same events seem to have placed Germany in the center of the EU’s potential future reform. Let’s do note that the Greek crisis started after the Lisbon treaty in 2009 was signed, which called…for more European Integration and less sticking to elements such as national identity. In other words, Lisbon was a perfect substrate for future “cohesion maneuvers” within the EU.

Still, though, the question is not answered, why would she do that? The answer is in front of everyone’s eyes. Germany wants to pursue a banking union in its own terms and while banks possess the enormous power they keep on possessing, this will obscure Germany’s plans, which have always regarded the banks as merely “the means” rather than “the end” itself. With the trust completely shaken it won’t be long before all the banks experience even more severe capitalization problems, almost everywhere. Moreover, the citizens of Cyprus have turned against the banks, not against the EU, which actually took the decision. They DEMAND that the banks pay for their mess and they can rest assured that they will.

There is one last thing and that is Russia. Russian businesses are going to bleed after the implementation of such a measure, since Cyprus has always been a crossroads of Russian money. According to an expert who spoke on Al-Jazeera, the second best clients come from the Cayman islands, you know, one of those places where amounts that equal the Global GDP are deposited and never get taxed? That one! So, how is Russia benefited from this process? We all know that Cyprus Banks have been very good “Laundrettes” for Black money, be it Russian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and so on and so forth.

First thing, Russia is on the way to building a “different kind of economy”, one which tax evasion and black money have no place therein. In Russia there is a huge purge going on regarding officials who were bribed or have assets abroad. In fact, no Duma MP is allowed to have assets abroad. Second and most important, is the cash outflow, which is killing the country! The estimated outflow in 2008 was $135 bn, while for 2011 it was estimated to be around $40 bn. After such kind of a “blow” against Cyprus and the subsequent statements by the President of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia, Anatoly Aksakov, things start to get a little more “obvious”. 

We do not wish to take position regarding Eurogroup’s decision, we are just analyzing it and we can see that indeed it is serving both European and Russian interests, in spite of the Russian “nagging” that numerous businesses will be destroyed, yes maybe they will, but what matters is the repatriation of the capital and the purge of those who evaded taxes. Not to mention the strike against the “Cayman Oligarchs” who are now start sweating, as they do realize that there is no such thing as “Tax Paradise”, at least not anymore!

Alexandros Boufesis reporting for http://www.defensehorizon.com and Focus Dynamics Research Center

Washington takes into consideration every single issue we wrote on N.Korea!


We don’t want to be misunderstood and thus characterized as “glory hounds” willing to make things up, for a couple of more viewers! That is why we have decided to tell you the facts one by one and compare them with what you have already read in DefenseHorizon and its affiliated website, Focus Dynamics Research Center. Let’s kick off then.

Washington, all of a sudden, has made a U-turn on the North Korean issue. We honestly do not understand what could have happened in four days, which made Washington realize the threat it is under, but after watching ABC News today, we saw all the evidence that we had been writing about. You can also view ABC’s coverage by following this link.

So apparently, the new US Defense Minister, Chuck Hagel, took a decision to bolster the US missile defense capabilities in Alaska “in response to irresponsible and reckless provocations by North Korea”, which threatens to bomb Washington by using nuclear weapons. Undoubtedly this is the correct decision taken by Hagel and should be endorsed for that, however why now? How long has it been since North Korea threatened to unleash its fury against the US? North Korea has been provocative in terms of using the same rhetoric since it performed its third nuclear test. Washington’s first reactions, except of facilitating the new UN measures against the DPRK, were way beyond today’s ones. First of all, they took it as a joke. “Don’t worry we are fully capable of defending ourselves”. If so, why Bolster Alaska’s defenses in times of severe crisis? 

The most extraordinary measure, though, was the cancellation of the third phase of the ABM shield in Poland. Again we had covered the story and we had mentioned the problem, which was Romania’s geographic position rendering it incapable of intercepting any missile coming from Iran, once those projectiles re-enter the atmosphere. You can read the full analysis here. Now, what matters is of course the inappropriate placement in terms of operational capability of a projectile interceptor along with its entailed financial costs and of course last but not least Russia’s superior missile defense capability, which the Russians, verbally at least, were willing to use in order to “wipe off” the project.

However, according to Chuck Hagel and as ABC news correctly puts it, what gave the ultimate “push” was the realization that the DPRK indeed has the means to unleash a nuclear attack against the US’s West Coast. Thus, the third phase was scrapped and instead ABM systems are to bolster the already existing ones in Alaska. This is not the end of the story, though. An analyst, Col Stephen Ganyard , USMC (ret) former Deputy Assistance of Secretary of State, appears on the news, claiming that the missiles have not actually been tested under real conditions and it is not certain whether or not they can intercept “The kind of missiles the North Koreans would shoot”!!!

How did the tables turn from “We can fully protect ourselves” to “We don’t know what kind of missiles the Koreans are gonna shoot at us?” Those people, supposedly live in the “Stone era” of modern weaponry, according to former statements, so why the panic? Why now? We believe that the US has realized who it’s dealing with. And it’s not the North Koreans only, it’s Chinese Dong Feng missile technology along with Chinese know how regarding the nukes. In other words WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WRITING ALL ALONG, ALL THIS TIME!!! In addition, regarding the anti-ballistic capability of the US, we had pinpointed the Achilles’s heel by mentioning that on the one hand the US is pursuing to build fighter jets with mounted lasers, on the other, they have not paid attention to their missile defense program. That was evident when the Patriot PAC-3s were installed in Turkey and Putin himself said that, although they can be a threat to Russia, the incorporated technology makes the projectiles easily interceptable.

And now it’s all here in front of us. North Korea’s aggressiveness, which is supported by China, thank God the Americans realized that the DPRK would not even dare launch a kite without China’s authorization. Second, the way China is pursuing the “right here right now” war in the Pacific. The latest incident, whereby an Iranian Phantom plane tried to intercept the Predator drone, shows that the alliance we have been talking about, China-Iran-N.Korea has been activated and they just check on the last responses in the Middle East region.

Last but not least, it does not matter if China does have the scientific savvy in order to produce a Plutonium bomb and mount it on a projectile, there is no need to do that anyway. As already mentioned numerous times, they can mount anything even a Jar of Marmalade and launch it on the West Coast, just to provoke the US response, so that China can engage the contingents in situ. At the same time in the Middle East, Iran will become more belligerent and more pro-active against Israel by launching a Shahab missile for example, again just to provoke Israel. Israel will respond via its Air Force, but this is not going to end up well because Iran is a huge country, plus they do have all the necessary ballistic capabilities (made in China as well) to cope with both the F-16 Sufas and the F-15 Raams (The Israelis have no B-2 Spirit, no stealth planes at all! Their first ones were supposed to be the F-35s but they will have to wait even longer as things stand with this plane).

So, we repeat, in that case the US will be compelled to fight in a war of two fronts and most importantly China does not bother wasting millions of lives in the battlefield, in contrast to the US and in general Western countries, which value human life. Only the number of abortions in the last year in China is equal to 40 times the population of the UK. Those people will stop at nothing in order to solidify their hegemony in the Pacific. They even consider the nukes to be as easily deployable as simple bullets, again contrary to nuclear powers such as the US, Russia, France and the UK, who consider nuclear weapons as the means to deter the enemy from attacking, not unleash them on any given occasion en mass, in order to maximize the casualties on the Battlefield.

Again, on such occasions we pray we are wrong, but so far we haven’t because our mentality is to follow the enemy’s logic and the Chinese were the first to invent the so called “Stratagems”. Thus, henceforth Washington should be focused on being safe rather than sorry.

Alexandros Boufesis reporting for http://www.defensehorizon.com and Focus Dynamics Research Center

“Sleeping war demons”-Juncker “blasts” media with outrageous suggestions


Why is it that modern politicians in general fail to see the war situations when they arise, yet they fantasize on war in places there is little or no chance at all to break out?

For example, they downplay the situation in the Korean peninsula, which is gloomier than ever before, yet Mr Juncker, former Eurogroup chief speaks of “sleeping war demons in Europe”! Is this something like a curse or is it just another result after placing the wrong people at very important places? We don’t believe in “Demons”, thereby we don’t believe in curses. We do believe in human limited capabilities though, which can bring about disastrous results upon implementing the kind of policy being implemented today.

Mr Juncker’s statements was: “For my generation the common currency always meant politics of peace. Today I am to some extent saddened to see that too many in Europe are again lost in petty national thought processes”. In addition he said: Those who think that the question of war can never be raised in Europe any more may be massively wrong. The demons are not gone, they are only sleeping, as the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo have shown. I am astounded to what extent the European situation today is similar to 100 years ago”. He also went thus far as to criticize the Germans for their stance on Greece by saying that the attack left “deep wounds” in the Southern country. 

First of all the European Debt Crisis was perceived as a continuation of the Global Debt Crisis which erupted in September 2008. Greece specifically was amongst those Countries, which could borrow money with lower interest rates even than the US. It is true, one can have a look at the Greek spreads back then and compare them with those of the US. That occurred because Greek banks were least exposed to derivatives such as CDOs etc. When the new government lead by George Papandreou, though, took over the man literally destroyed everything by himself!!! He went crying out loud from one European Capital to another that “the Titanic is sinking”, “He is the leader of a corrupt country”, “People are corrupt because they don’t pay taxes” and that’s when it all started. Papandreou was an “American Boy” that’s why he is teaching at Harvard now, as if he had done something extraordinary and now he must pass it over to the next generations.

On top of everything there was a huge debate which started, fueled by the Media as well (which ended up being more corrupt by the government), over the issue of whether Greece is leaving or exiting the Euro. That debate, no matter how unbelievable and extraordinary it sounds, stopped last November. Thereby, billions of Euros migrated from the Greek banks to other states and the loans which were supplied by the “Troika” ended up filling black holes at the banks, as they could not even capitalize on what they had lost due to the outflow, let alone lend money. This is how growth stopped and the measures applied caused a humanitarian crisis. If Mr Juncker does not remember and he prefers to see “demons” or “consult with demons”, this is his way of dealing with things both now and back then, meaning that the responsibility burdens his shoulders as much as everyone else’s. Georgios Papandreou, who is a persona non grata to his own Country (of course he has stated he does not consider Greece as his own country) did exactly what the IMF and the other two “folks” told him in terms of cuts even in the private sector, but when Paul Thomsen was begging him to erase useless bodies in the public sector, which were there only to consume more money from the taxpayers, he did nothing. Paul Thomsen is not a Saint definitely, but the truth must be written, which is no other than the fact that he told him to cut off the public sector unnecessary spending first and then proceed to any further cuts whatsoever.

As for Germany, yes the administration’s behavior was not the best, but the reason why EU is still standing is Germany. Moreover if the EU had been politically unified non of this would have occurred, but how could the EU be unified when every state wanted to be in charge and the UK’s role was to sabotage a broader Union. Those are the facts and they can always be cross-referenced.

At the end of the day, Juncker was there and he was backing everything and everyone up, so we don’t think that he is the most appropriate person to criticize Germany or judge what should have been done correctly, as there is no evidence that he himself did something correctly while he was in charge of the Eurogroup. As for the wars in Europe, those statements are not contributing very much to the already “strained” situation European Societies are, on the one hand, on the other social unrest and war are completely different words and notions. Yes there is nationalism on the rise, even in Germany, however Greece is not in Mali chasing Uranium reserves, due to its rise of nationalism for example. Greece is not in Mali at all, France and the UK are. And what is the worst case scenario according to Mr Juncker? A Hitler number two spawning all of a sudden to one of the Countries of the South. Even if that happened, how could they wage war? Greece can hardly set its economic perimeter in the Aegean sea, this is an example of a country which has to go to war (like Britain and the Falklands case for example) and it doesn’t do so, because its political administration is afraid of Erdogan and they need his permission to drill in their own territory.

It’s better for Mr Juncker or for anyone who did possess a high ranked place when it all began not to talk at all.  

Alexandros Boufesis reporting for DefenseHorizon and Focus Research Center

Russian warships dock to Beirut-Bound to Tartus! They carry 700 commandos


The news comes almost at the same period when France and Britain announce that they will both push the European Union to lift the arms embargo imposed on the armed rebels in the Syrian “limbo”. As known, Russia and China have vetoed three times a “No Fly Zone” UNSC proposal, thus angering the West, which and on none legal ground whatsoever continued supporting the armed “gangs” killing Syrian people.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the European Union, Britain and France have announced today that they will still go ahead with their plans to arms the opposition, which saw some mini-victories lately, but still are bound to be short-lived. Since last summer Russian warships have been going in and out of Tartus, every now and again using various pretexts from deploying counter-terrorism “Spetsnaz” units from Caucasus in order to cope with the insurgents, to evacuating Russian citizens. This time they claim that their mission is still to evacuate Russian and in general ex-USSR citizens as al-Mayadeen television reported. Without ruling out that it’s the truth or part of the truth, the Russians are playing the usual “chicken game” with the West, although this time, things can get really out of hand.

Bashar Assad came many times close to victory and to resolving the hideous conflict, which evolved into a proxy war, with the West and the Arab League relying on mercenaries from Kosovo to Iran, even the Caucasus, in order to overthrow President’s Assad regime! Russian boots’ presence signified that the Russians are there, for starters, and if the British and French carry on with their plan to arm the rebels then they will tolerate no more confiscation of weaponry sent to Syria, either by sea or air.

Russia lately has been active not only in the diplomatic field but in the units dispatched as well, depending on the circumstances! That could mean that the Kremlin hardliners are going to see this through on their own way even if that means that they are going to rely on old Soviet power projection, in order to show the West that it cannot act on behalf of its country’s will. There have been two institutions whose decisions have been violated so far, first the UN and now the European Union. Those bodies, with all their flaws, do represent something and are meant to act and restrain a country from pursuing its own ambitious geostrategic goals! However humanitarian they wish to paint it from the outside, at the end of the day it still remains the same despicable act of arming Al-Qaeda affiliated groups, whose actions have been condemned even by the International Amnesty. That means that when and if this “vicious circle” ends, politicians have to face legal charges in the ICC for violating International laws and being responsible of creating a humanitarian crisis with 70,000 dead and over 1,000000 refugees!

Alexei Miller visits Greece-Gazprom’s “Boss” gives ultimatum

Alexei Miller

Alexei Borishovich Miller, Chairman of Gazprom’s management committee has visited Greece in a trip which seems to have a political scent apart as much as the anticipated business one.

Miller visited Greece, because Gazprom has made the best offer so far, which is up to three times higher than the best bidder gives, for Greece’s DEPA privatization. In numbers, Gazprom offer $1.8 bn, but the Americans won’t even hear the possibility of Greece’s natural gas service ending up in Russia’s hand. Nevertheless Miller’s visit has shown that it’s not the Americans Greeks should be afraid of, but the Russians.

The Russians had made the Burgas-Alexandroupolis Deal with Greece’s 2008 Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis along with the order of the BMP-3 IFV vehicles, the last one having been put under scrutiny over the usefulness of an IFV/APC vehicle meant to operate in the narrow terrain of Evros, however this is another story.

As long as George Papandreou took over he, with the aid of Borisov (may God rest his political career in peace), did everything he could to annul every single deal Karamanlis had made with the Russians. Wikileaks had leaked that there was an assassination plan orchestrated by the Americans, which never took place, however it was reported that a clash between GRU and an unknown contingent had taken place in Athens. Be that as it may, the thing which did more damage was the allegation that the December 2008 riots were indeed orchestrated by foreign interests, specifically American. Putin had then called Karamanlis and asked him to intervene politically, but Karamanlis said NO, aware of the fact that this would lead to serious repercussions none of them could even imagine.

When Papandreou visited the Kremlin in 2009, Ivan Savvidis, a Duma MP and the new owner of the Greek Football team PAOK, had arranged a meeting between him and Vladimir Putin in order for Russia to lend Greece the amount of 50 bn dollars, so that it would not end up…like it ended up today. Papandreou, instead of talking about the most important issue of his visit, he talked about other environmental collaborations that Greece and Russia could pursue. Putin was furious about the man’s irresponsibility along with his highly American dependent character, but there was nothing he could do about it. Afterwards, came the official statement by then President Medvedev in which he “encouraged” Greece to go to the IMF, but the context of the statement was interpreted according to Papandreou and his team’s intentions. Medvedev after having presented a series of solutions for Greece and after having received several negative answer from Papandreou he said: “OK then go to the IMF”.

Papandreou, though, made this trip in order to appease the pro-Russian citizens of Greece who historically have always been looking in the Northern-East part of the globe when had times came. Not only did Papandreou not honor his predecessor’s agreements, he blamed the Russians on top for not having helped Greece and urged the Greek citizens “not to expect help from anyone except themselves”, while he had already made all the necessary preparation for the country to ask help from the IMF. The man is a professional liar and a con-artist and he made the first step towards infuriating Moscow.

Now Antonis Samaras, Greece’s PM was presented with an Ultimatum. Governmental circles “paint” the meeting as one of the gloomiest and most serious the government has ever took. Alexei Miller’s conveyed his business message and along with it, its political counterpart, which stated that this is Greece’s last chance of cooperating with Moscow on something. If the Prime Minister does not show respect for the rule of law, which is plainly: The highest bidder wins, then the diplomatic ties between the two countries would be severed. After Bulgaria, we all know what that means. Not that the next Prime Minister, if Antonis Samaras’s government goes to elections, will be pro-Russian, on the contrary, Alexis Tsipras for example as DefenseHorizon has emphasized is more pro-US than any other politician in the country. Nevertheless, he has not realized that “the hot potato” will burn his fingers and the country will plunge into further political turmoil. The Russians are determined, not to let it go this time. They wouldn’t mind promoting a civil war in Greece, for the sake of not letting the Country overwhelmed by Washington.

Moscow is clearly on expansion mode and obviously since the Fukushima disaster, which gave Germany the excuse to become more dependent on Russian energy, the South would be divided into business sectors of influence and the energy was always meant to be taken by Russia, thus the permanent fleet contingent announced by Shoigu meant to patrol in the Mediterranean. The problem is though that the EU is not being led by Germany. It is being largely influenced by Germany, true, but Germany cannot take any decisions unless there is a broader consensus between the member states. And there are many member states who see the energy reliance on Russia, as a catastrophe, since they are still pro-US or pro-NATO or simply anti-Russian.

Be that as it may, Miller said what he had to say and all these of course remain off the record, nevertheless they were broadcasted today by independent veteran Greek journalists who have many contacts inside the government. One of the most knowledgeable in terms of what’s going on in the “dark corridors” is George Traggas, a Greek Journalist from the “Old School” who has drawn the attention of German media, since he can be described as being by far the most anti-German Journalist in Greece.