South Korea ready to launch preemptive strike-Is Washington ready for WWIII?


The rhetoric “Aryas” heard from the “Hermit Kingdom” during the last days, threatening even the US with a nuclear strike, are far from solely being Pyonyang’s traits of optimism and bravery. We have been standing firm on this approach from the beginning, because North Korea is but a tool to Beijing’s plans of rising tensions at will in the Pacific Region. As a matter of fact we have claimed that if Beijing would ever want a war, the optimum moment would be now, before the US moves its center of military gravity to Asia Pacific.

The South Koreans have announced that “If there is a clear intent that North Korea is about to use a nuclear weapon, we will eliminate it first even at the risk of a war”, that was stated by General Jung Seung-jo at a National Assembly defense planning session as reported by “The Korean Times”. South Korea is totally dependent on Washington when it comes to military decisions concerning their Northern neighbors. When the shelling of Yeonpyeong island took place, an incident which is correctly regarded as the most serious event since the 1953 armistice, the Souths did not respond. Washington knows that by allowing the Souths to act in anyway that will be considered as provocative by the Norths, they risk an all out war with China, which will undoubtedly lead to the Third World War scenario everyone has been expecting since the 2008 economic “Crash”. 

That said, the moment the Souths launch the pre-emptive strike, all hell will break loose in the Pacific and Washington should be ready to contain China-through military means now-in order to prevent it from establishing a new Geopolitical status quo in the Pacific before the US’s new Asia-Pac doctrine is in effect. The Souths’ threats of preemptive military strikes may very well pose a response to the information war carried out both by North Korea and China, indicating of course that the tensions are about to rise, but it goes as far as that. On the other hand, it may very well be that the Souths plus Washington are responding to China’s calls for War and are sending signals that they will be picking up the glove anytime soon.

What would the repercussions be in that case though? Frankly speaking the US, as things are now, has little to lose. Since its geoeconomic atrophy began the geopolitical vacuum is being broadened and that is the main reason why everyday the news is at least ten times worse than the day before. So, either they use what is left i.e a potent military machinery, which poses the most technologically advanced army in the world (theoretically at least) or it just sits there until it will no longer be able to dictate any terms even to Mexico. Bottom line, the time is now, both for China and the US, but still China has a couple of advantages over the US.

The first advantage is that China has all its forces where it wants them to be, while Washington is on “transfer mode”. The second is its diplomatic status meaning that it would be totally surprising if Russia did not get involved in an all out war occurring “outside its front yard” and given the common ballistic approaches (as a matter of fact the approaches overall) with Beijing, just guess whose side Moscow is going to be on!

The third advantage is the situation in the Middle East. A distraction in the Asia-Pac region will augment Iran’s role in the region and, as analyzed before, by consequence Moscow’s potential to engulf the region and gain credit on the diplomatic field. Especially when it comes to the third advantage China has over Washington, the loss of its influence in the Middle East will corner the US in the Pacific side either it wins or loses the war! This can pose the prelude of US’s future isolationism in the American continent and the strive between the rising powers’ for global hegemony. No need to mention that World War III is not the worst case scenario, when one considers all of the above

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