China’s provocations in the Asian Pacific region meant to urge Washington’s response


In an article posted some time ago DefenseHorizon reported on Japan’s allegations of one of their ships “being locked” by a Chinese vessel, however they needed “some days in order to be sure that this occurred”. Well, the Chinese statement that was issued today, on this particular event makes more sense than the one the Defense Minister issued.

Today China outlined three reasons why the Japanese statements were, as they were characterized by China, “groundless”. The first reason has to do with the distance between the two ships. Japan claimed that the Chinese vessel’s fire control radar had locked on their own. China claims, and they do actually have a point, that the distance of 3 km is within visual range and if they had actually locked the ship, even if they fired, the missile would be wasted at such a short distance. So, why use the Fire Control Radar? The target was in front of them.

Let’s take a Hollywood movie example, Tom Clancy’s “Hunt for Red October”! Remember when Ryan was on board the Red October and Captain Ramius was confronting his Russian disciple? What had happened then? He ordered Ryan to turn towards the torpedo, everyone of course claimed that this was insane and he should be taking evasive maneuvers. But, in the end the torpedo just collided with the sub’s hull without detonating, because the distance was so close that the warhead did not have enough time to arm itself. Even though, a rough example, it is as near as it can get to what the Chinese correctly claim in terms of ballistics and naval warfare.

In their second and third reasons, they are repeating their point with other words, for example if approached at such a proximity it is standard procedure for the crew to hit the alert and man the positions and third that the vessels would not under any circumstances let the Japanese vessels come that close. Well, the first point, as we already said, holds a lot of water, but number two and three sound like a bit “more of the same” in the same line of “casual excuses” that the Japanese Minister used. When we had written the previous report we highlighted that: The Senkaku islands belong to Japan, as the Spratly belong to Philippines and China has no authority whatsoever to engage in such provocative actions, risking to ignite the whole region at any time and in “apocalyptic” ways as all the forces which are engaged in the region (China, Japan, US even North Korea) all possess Nuclear Weapons.

On the other hand, though, we have repeated our position-opinion, which is no other than China “itching for a war” in the Asia-Pac region! It has been starting to behave “strangely” since the US announced that it would operate in the Asia-Pac region in the future! Beijing wants a war now. And when we say “now”, we mean “yesterday, before the center of US’s military gravity shifts to the Pacific Zone. The situation is critical, because Japan instead of “cooling off” the tensions, it responds in the same frantic way, which is exactly what China wants, because one day “someone will get hurt” and when the war breaks out, the US will dispatch everything it can afford to and that might not be enough before the preparations are completed.

The Chinese are even using North Korea, which in turn seems like “begging” to be bombed by Western forces as after its rocket launching of a satellite (as it claims it was) it performed its third nuclear test and now it claims that things will get worse and it’s probably going to carry out another nuke test. Everybody knows that N.Korea would not even launch a “kite” if Beijing did not give the Green light, we don’t have to point this out, it’s common sense. The worst, seemingly, are yet to come because China warns once more:

“…Once Japan poses a threat within short distance (but not the fabricated three kilometers distance which is a blind corner), China will have to send out warning and repel, and further, directly lock with the fire control radar. Any dangerous move from the counterpart, we will resolutely carry out self-defense leaving no room for negotiation, because passive means beaten with the life and death struggle on the battlefield…”

In light of the above, we simply rest our case!

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