The Pope “Quits his job”-A story with plenty of seeds of Information Warfare


How many times have we not heard a close friend of ours talking about the pressure he has to go through with his job, using phrases such as “I can’t take it anymore” or “The pressure’s just too big” or even “I’ve really had enough” and then one day he has a clash with his supervisor and tell him “You know what mate? There’s no point in doing this anymore, I quit, you deal with it”.

This is a situation encountered dozens of times before, but in today’s case it’s the Pope of Rome, the Head of the Catholic Church, that we saw “quitting the job”. This has not happened since 1415 and has caused bewilderment, confusion and a big amount of fear, which was already looming both in “believers” and “non-believers” hearts and minds. But let’s take the facts by one before we make our point! A couple of months ago “humanity was on the verge of extinction” for some, because “The Mayas run out of space” and they stopped at 2012. Apparently “God changed his mind”, but still two months after that, the Pope resigns. Of course some scandals have surfaced with first and foremost the so called Vatican leaks, but the Vatican has handled far worse situation over the past without “pushing the Boss to quit”. So what happened?

A new prophecy “happened”, which can be read here. So, to cut a long story short, the prophet Malachy had predicted the enthronement of each and every single Pope since 1425. Malachy was either a wise man, a man of God or “a hell of a Booker”. Then again, his name may have surfaced for…”different reasons”. According to Malachy, Benedict, the recent Pope who felt “frustrated with his job” was meant to be the one before the last one. Not Catholic’s church last one, but humanity’s. So, here we go again being entangled in this “vicious circle” in terms of what’s gonna happen should “Malachy the Prophet” proves out to be right. The chances are good, according to the propag… ehhh sorry we mean his predictions, he hasn’t made a mistake thus far.

Yet, we don’t need to wait for Malachy’s “magical” and “unexpected” mistake to occur in order to figure out OUR MISTAKE of sitting and listening to Doomsday scenarios coming the one after the other. This is far from being a metaphysical or a “Church issue”! This is an issue of information warfare, it is an issue of mass brainwashing people into believing that world is going to end and it is the cornerstone of manipulating the masses, i.e. constantly instilling new fears in their hearts and minds, should the necessary situations arise. And oh MY, what kind of situations have now risen eh? The Middle East is on fire, the Pacific as well! Financial analysts talk about a new financial meltdown, the “asteroid” from outer space approaches and…Bruce Willis is just too old to ride him once more detonate himself and split it again in two, while screaming: “WE HAVE WON GRACIEEEEEEEEEE”!!!

The issues may be presented in an ironically hilarious way, but it is not a joke or to put it a better, if it ever was a joke, it’s not anymore. The CIA has admitted that they are studying “the prophecies”, what are they doing that for, so that they can man the air force 1 with the President and evacuate “this vain world” when the time comes? We don’t think so! In Greece once lived a holy man, a man of God, who was visited by many people and heard different stories regarding what God had revealed to Paisius (that was his name). Suddenly, when the Eurocrisis hits Greece like a nuke, all bookstores get flooded with “Paisius’s prophecies” predicting anything from: “Russia attacking Turkey” and subsequently giving Constantinople’s “supervision” to the Greeks. Most of the Greeks believe it, having the info cocktailed with other ones rooted in the war of Independence and they feel invincible. “Let them impose new austerity measures”, “let them provoke God’s wrath, they will be the one who will end up in Tartarus anyway”. Then CIA officials state: “Thank God there’s Paisius giving hope to the Greeks”.

If that is not information warfare and mass manipulation then we suggest those who disagree to propose us a different bibliography with different terminology and definitions. Because, the ones we have in front of us seem to indicate that probably this is “one of those cases”. End of the day? What if the Pope just quit, while the one before him quit in 1415? Is this a signal of the “End of Days” (again)? We’ve heard the same story a couple of months ago, is there anyone out of the scary, hungry and “badly beaten” crowd who is ultimately going to say: “We’ve had enough! Our turn to quit this mind game” and react, whether in the end God decides to proceed to the aforementioned Geopolitical alterations or just sits back and enjoys the show. We are not theologists, but based on the “Free Will scenario” isn’t the latter going to be more “pleasant to the Lord”?

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Turkey: “The” example of how pride precedes the fall


Hollande’s visit to Greece was accompanied by a historic event, whereby the Greeks set their Naval zone-limits, especially after the guarantees both in terms of support and war materiel that the French President promised. This fact by itself, though, does not make the volatile situation in the SE Mediterranean less complicated. On the contrary, the Turks have not taken so lightly the fact that the Greeks have set their perimeter after prompted by the EU. There are two versions of the story, the legal and the Turkish. The legal goes according to the International Maritime Law, which Turkey does not accept (note: If that occurred with another Country, the Country would be “bombed all the way to Democracy”, but seemingly Turkish is and has always been a rather “different” example). The Turkish version states that the treaties signed, those that defined Greece’s naval borders, are annulled. Why? Because they say so! Turkey has published maps including whole islands like Rhodes and many others located in the Eastern parts of the Aegean, claiming that “they are within the Turkish borders”.

What does Greece do about it? Nothing! After the Imia crisis in 1996 Prime Minister Kostas Simitis has taken the issue to Hague, but this is a language the Turks do not and will not understand. For the Turks the word border is defined by what a Country can afford to protect and at this time, Greece has the low ground because of the Economic Crisis. The drills, though, as we have written in a previous essay, have undergone superbly and indicate a high readiness along with an equally high morale, in spite of the poor wages and the fact of course that many officers of the Greek army are now considered to live below poverty line. This fact, though, has not hit the morale, on the contrary they are as operational as if they were working for the United States or a Country which faced no financial difficulties at all.

Beyond those observations, we should have a look at the facts. The Greek political leadership does nothing to counter the slow and sly infiltration of the Turks in Evros (Western Thrace). This inertia has resulted in far-fetched claims by Turkey, that Western Thrace has a “Turkish minority” and that the Greeks do not show the proper respect. There is no such thing as a Turkish minority first of all, but let’s suppose that the Greek political leadership stays on this course of inertia and keeps on doing nothing. Ultimately, one day, Western Thrace will have been taken by the Turks, via soft power. The same, or nearly the same, goes for the Aegean as well, despite the fact that the Turks “bit off far more than they could chew” in terms of illegal territorial claims. This can go down as well without a fight, as the Greeks will keep sticking to this “non-belligerent”, war evasive policy. So, ultimately the question which is born is why do the Turks use a war-like language, risking to lose everything, even their own territorial integrity. Indeed, this is not the 1974 and the International community will not tolerate another “Cyprus carnage”, even though Turkey is a NATO member.

The answer lies within the context of Turkish mentality. Turks never had a measure, never knew when to stop, when to draw the line. They knew that the Western backing was granted, because of their geographical location. They felt good with themselves when they prohibited US troops from passing through their territory to Iraq, as they feel sure of themselves now, considering the opportunity as a “now or never” situation to take what is within their grasp. That is why “future political corpses” like Deputy FM Naci Koru state so arrogantly that “Ankara won’t allow South Cyprus to breach Turkey’s continental shelf for exploration of oil and gas in the Eastern Mediterranean” or “Our country and Northern Cyprus have objected to exploration activities [conducted] by South Cyprus. The unilateral stand of South Cyprus means the extortion of Turkish Cypriots’ rights”.

The “funniest thing” was when he was asked about Davutoglu’s “zero problems with neighbors” diplomatic doctrine. He answered: “This policy is based on the fact that [we should] focus not on our differences but on areas of cooperation [with neighboring countries]”!!! It doesn’t feel like that in the Aegean with iconic close combat dogfights and mini naval battles or fly bys performed on purpose by Turkey over Greek territorial grounds. 

It’s a huge irony, a Country having no reasons to go to war, in the end to get entangled in a war having been provoked by its politicians against the Country’s own national interests even against its Raison d’etre. Be that as it may, the Greeks have a saying: “When the goat wants to get a good beat, then what it does, it goes and rubs itself on the Shepherd’s crook”. Let’s consider this as another way of saying: “Pride comes before the fall”

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Russia to set up task force for permanent deployment in the Mediterranean


Sergei Shoigu, the new Defense Minister of Russia and one of Putin’s most trusted, has stated in the voice of Russia that he has already given the order for the creation of a new naval Task Force, which is going to be stationed permanently in the Mediterranean, in order to protect “the Country’s interests there”.

And that’s all, he said nothing else he did not proceed into further elaborations, nothing. Let us note that this type of decisions are not like stating, “by the way, we have a new Task Force ready to be deployed in Central Asia”, which would be something natural, as the region is within Moscow’s sphere of influence. Shoigu was talking about the Mediterranean sea and about “Russia’s interests”, he also used the words “theater of operations”, which creates even more questions such as:

a) Is this contingent the same one the Russians were willing to set up in order to help evacuate Russian Citizens out of war torn countries (something like a Delta Force)?

b) Is it Tartus and Syria Shoigu refers to when he says “Russian interests” or maybe is it something more, like Cyprus-Israel region for example? We should remind our readers that yesterday Israel and Russia signed a deal regarding the trading rights of the “Tamar” offshore site.

c) Has Shoigu thought of the repercussions this is going to cause to NATO, which considers the Mediterranean “its highway”? Probably yes he has, but the possibility that NATO can provoke Russia anytime it wants still stays with unimaginable consequences.

d) Which countries constitute future “theater of operations” and on what grounds?

What we can say at the moment is that Russia is expanding in the same way, NATO expanded after the fall of the former Soviet Union, or at least it tries to. Russia has enough problems already in the Caucasus and at some point it needs to resolve outstanding issues such as the Nagorno-Karabagh between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the issue of Transestria in Moldova as well. Then again, Turkey, which is already a NATO country, has made a move to include Kyrgyzstan into its new Turkish oriented TAKM force and Ukraine is about to start sending military vessels within NATO’s framework to counter piracy.

Things are changing day by day, but we will be keeping you posted regarding this issue of Russia’s presence in the Mediterranean sea and how the deal with Israel facilitates such decisions.

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“For the alliance”: Our prediction coming true, Israel sliding under the protection of Russia


An historic deal occurred today, setting new parameters for the future Geopolitical vectors in the broader Middle East Region. As the Wall Street Journal reported, OAO Gazprom (one of Gazprom’s subsidiaries) signed a contract to market LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) from one of the Israel’s biggest deposits, the “Tamar”. The Russian company has signed a 20 year deal with Levant LNG Marketing Corp. to exclusively buy LNG from the Tamar offshore gas field.

“This is an important milestone for strengthening Gazprom’s position in the global LNG market, we are confident that this deal will not only help strengthen and diversify Gazprom’s LNG portfolio, but also help GM&T build on our success in the Asia-Pacific region, where we have recently closed long and medium-term deals with numerous counterparties in India and North East Asia”. That was a statement issued by Gazprom Marketing & Trading CEO Vitaly Vasiliev. Let us look at the numbers, though, which are equally impressive. The Tamar gas field is one of the two large ones along with the Leviathan, located off the coast of Haifa. Tamar’s reserves are estimated to be at about 238 billion cubic meter, while the potential of Leviathan is at 453 cu meters.

More important than the numbers themselves though, is the fact that the biggest US ally in the region, Israel, has given trade rights to a Russian company, especially Gazprom, which has come under scrutiny from the Western governments, allegedly because of corruption issues, monopolies etc. If one considers in addition, the gigantic efforts put up by the US in order to prohibit Greece from giving DEPA (The public gas company destined to be privatized) to Russia, then the deal signed with Israel seems even more stunning. Yesterday Matthew Bryza, the US Energy Secretary, in a rather “imperial appearance” during Athens Energy Forum 2013, dictated US’s terms on the energy policy Greece has to follow and to cut a long story short he prompted the Greek politicians to think twice before giving DEPA to the Russians, even if they end up being the ones who offer more (Hail Democracy). 

That being said, we are talking about the beginning of groundbreaking Geostrategic shifts like Israel turning to Russia, which as stated only by DefenseHorizon, has the appropriate influence in order to shield the country from the rising extremism and its disastrous-for Israel-repercussions. At the same time we notice that Germany is shifting away from “Meseberg”, a potential bridging with Russia and is headed more towards the recently proposed TransAtlantic deal, whereby a Free Trade Zone will be implemented between the EU and the US. This, as we once again have stated, could result in catastrophic consequences both for Europe and the US, as the two “participants” have radically different means of macroeconomic strategies and by consequence totally different ways to handle crises. Today, Bernancke stood once more for Quantitative Easing, the Germans every time they hear that, they develop a “rush” because as they claim it reminds them of the “Weymar’s inflation period”.

We still don’t know how things are going to end up. Israel is definitely showing a great willingness to open “wide channels” at all levels with the Russian Federation, while seeming Germany and the EU seem to take once again their former positions alongside NATO. This can very well be a political “U-turn” (as Margaret Thatcher had once put it, although she added later that ladies don’t do U-turns), as Germany has U-turned on the Turkish issue of entering the European Union. This is stranger than the first and given the fact that elections are nigh, Chancellor Merkel may be improvising “just a bit” in order to secure her further staying in power. Both the above scenarios, though, of establishing a trans-Atlantic Free Trade Zone and most importantly Turkey entering the EU, are not very likely to be implemented as there are “structural issues”, within the EU, which are not prone to such profound alterations.

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South Korea ready to launch preemptive strike-Is Washington ready for WWIII?


The rhetoric “Aryas” heard from the “Hermit Kingdom” during the last days, threatening even the US with a nuclear strike, are far from solely being Pyonyang’s traits of optimism and bravery. We have been standing firm on this approach from the beginning, because North Korea is but a tool to Beijing’s plans of rising tensions at will in the Pacific Region. As a matter of fact we have claimed that if Beijing would ever want a war, the optimum moment would be now, before the US moves its center of military gravity to Asia Pacific.

The South Koreans have announced that “If there is a clear intent that North Korea is about to use a nuclear weapon, we will eliminate it first even at the risk of a war”, that was stated by General Jung Seung-jo at a National Assembly defense planning session as reported by “The Korean Times”. South Korea is totally dependent on Washington when it comes to military decisions concerning their Northern neighbors. When the shelling of Yeonpyeong island took place, an incident which is correctly regarded as the most serious event since the 1953 armistice, the Souths did not respond. Washington knows that by allowing the Souths to act in anyway that will be considered as provocative by the Norths, they risk an all out war with China, which will undoubtedly lead to the Third World War scenario everyone has been expecting since the 2008 economic “Crash”. 

That said, the moment the Souths launch the pre-emptive strike, all hell will break loose in the Pacific and Washington should be ready to contain China-through military means now-in order to prevent it from establishing a new Geopolitical status quo in the Pacific before the US’s new Asia-Pac doctrine is in effect. The Souths’ threats of preemptive military strikes may very well pose a response to the information war carried out both by North Korea and China, indicating of course that the tensions are about to rise, but it goes as far as that. On the other hand, it may very well be that the Souths plus Washington are responding to China’s calls for War and are sending signals that they will be picking up the glove anytime soon.

What would the repercussions be in that case though? Frankly speaking the US, as things are now, has little to lose. Since its geoeconomic atrophy began the geopolitical vacuum is being broadened and that is the main reason why everyday the news is at least ten times worse than the day before. So, either they use what is left i.e a potent military machinery, which poses the most technologically advanced army in the world (theoretically at least) or it just sits there until it will no longer be able to dictate any terms even to Mexico. Bottom line, the time is now, both for China and the US, but still China has a couple of advantages over the US.

The first advantage is that China has all its forces where it wants them to be, while Washington is on “transfer mode”. The second is its diplomatic status meaning that it would be totally surprising if Russia did not get involved in an all out war occurring “outside its front yard” and given the common ballistic approaches (as a matter of fact the approaches overall) with Beijing, just guess whose side Moscow is going to be on!

The third advantage is the situation in the Middle East. A distraction in the Asia-Pac region will augment Iran’s role in the region and, as analyzed before, by consequence Moscow’s potential to engulf the region and gain credit on the diplomatic field. Especially when it comes to the third advantage China has over Washington, the loss of its influence in the Middle East will corner the US in the Pacific side either it wins or loses the war! This can pose the prelude of US’s future isolationism in the American continent and the strive between the rising powers’ for global hegemony. No need to mention that World War III is not the worst case scenario, when one considers all of the above

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China’s provocations in the Asian Pacific region meant to urge Washington’s response


In an article posted some time ago DefenseHorizon reported on Japan’s allegations of one of their ships “being locked” by a Chinese vessel, however they needed “some days in order to be sure that this occurred”. Well, the Chinese statement that was issued today, on this particular event makes more sense than the one the Defense Minister issued.

Today China outlined three reasons why the Japanese statements were, as they were characterized by China, “groundless”. The first reason has to do with the distance between the two ships. Japan claimed that the Chinese vessel’s fire control radar had locked on their own. China claims, and they do actually have a point, that the distance of 3 km is within visual range and if they had actually locked the ship, even if they fired, the missile would be wasted at such a short distance. So, why use the Fire Control Radar? The target was in front of them.

Let’s take a Hollywood movie example, Tom Clancy’s “Hunt for Red October”! Remember when Ryan was on board the Red October and Captain Ramius was confronting his Russian disciple? What had happened then? He ordered Ryan to turn towards the torpedo, everyone of course claimed that this was insane and he should be taking evasive maneuvers. But, in the end the torpedo just collided with the sub’s hull without detonating, because the distance was so close that the warhead did not have enough time to arm itself. Even though, a rough example, it is as near as it can get to what the Chinese correctly claim in terms of ballistics and naval warfare.

In their second and third reasons, they are repeating their point with other words, for example if approached at such a proximity it is standard procedure for the crew to hit the alert and man the positions and third that the vessels would not under any circumstances let the Japanese vessels come that close. Well, the first point, as we already said, holds a lot of water, but number two and three sound like a bit “more of the same” in the same line of “casual excuses” that the Japanese Minister used. When we had written the previous report we highlighted that: The Senkaku islands belong to Japan, as the Spratly belong to Philippines and China has no authority whatsoever to engage in such provocative actions, risking to ignite the whole region at any time and in “apocalyptic” ways as all the forces which are engaged in the region (China, Japan, US even North Korea) all possess Nuclear Weapons.

On the other hand, though, we have repeated our position-opinion, which is no other than China “itching for a war” in the Asia-Pac region! It has been starting to behave “strangely” since the US announced that it would operate in the Asia-Pac region in the future! Beijing wants a war now. And when we say “now”, we mean “yesterday, before the center of US’s military gravity shifts to the Pacific Zone. The situation is critical, because Japan instead of “cooling off” the tensions, it responds in the same frantic way, which is exactly what China wants, because one day “someone will get hurt” and when the war breaks out, the US will dispatch everything it can afford to and that might not be enough before the preparations are completed.

The Chinese are even using North Korea, which in turn seems like “begging” to be bombed by Western forces as after its rocket launching of a satellite (as it claims it was) it performed its third nuclear test and now it claims that things will get worse and it’s probably going to carry out another nuke test. Everybody knows that N.Korea would not even launch a “kite” if Beijing did not give the Green light, we don’t have to point this out, it’s common sense. The worst, seemingly, are yet to come because China warns once more:

“…Once Japan poses a threat within short distance (but not the fabricated three kilometers distance which is a blind corner), China will have to send out warning and repel, and further, directly lock with the fire control radar. Any dangerous move from the counterpart, we will resolutely carry out self-defense leaving no room for negotiation, because passive means beaten with the life and death struggle on the battlefield…”

In light of the above, we simply rest our case!

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