Turkey Strikes Syria-A casual artillery fire exchange or part of NATO’s scheme?

The “gates of hell” appear wide open at this time in the Middle East, as a few hours ago, there was an alleged incident, where mortar shells were fired on Turkish territory. The Turks have claimed that the Syrians started it and they retaliated, by shelling Syrian Targets spotted on radar. Syrians have fired back and usually this is the way broader conflicts begin, especially this one, with Turkey “chasing for it” since before the downing of its RF-4E reconnaissance plane. Turkey pursues its Noe-Ottoman dream, however it remains to be seen, whether this was an initiative taken by Turkey or it is part of a greater plan, which can and will engage a multinational force, already fighting on Syrian ground covertly, into establishing a similar “No Fly Zone” as it in Libya’s case. Spokeswoman’s  Oana Lungescu’s words, though are not very promising with regard to the intensity as it is seen by NATO. President Obama expressed his “outrage” following the alleged Syrian attack against Turkish soil. 

We are not inclined to believe in fables, especially geopolitical ones, hence we do consider that the allegations that Syria “attacked Turkey” are-at least-ridiculous. NATO has been itching for a new Libyan plan for months, only to crash on Russia’s and China’s veto. So why now and not then? The answer is Caucasus and specifically the recent elections carried out in Georgia. As Focus Dynamics had noted several weeks ago, following a thread from DEBKA (read the article here )Russian troops’ withdrawal from Tartus (at least the bulk of it) could only mean that there was an informal agreement between Presidents Putin and Obama as to whether or not the US would pursue its interests in the Caucasus for the time being. With Saakashvili suffering a humiliating defeat and with the regime change in Georgia, “The bear” is not very likely to feel any inclination towards engaging in the massacre which is about to follow. This decision buys time for Russia, but especially now and under the current Geopolitical circumstances time is the best thing Russia could “buy”, smartly avoiding engaging itself in a conventional stand off against NATO. Whether or not the situation will deteriorate is irrelevant of what is about to unfold sooner rather than later in the broader Middle East region, a sequence of events which stand a very good chance of depriving the US’s military interference for good!