SCRAMBLE-China and Japan on the brink of war-Mission: wear out the US

Crisis after crisis after crisis, erupt all around the world starting from last week on the anniversary of this day when 11 years ago, citizens around the world held their breath as two passenger planes were hitting the World Trade Center. The Muslim world is on fire not because of a movie of course, however disgusting and insulting its content may have been. 35 cities around the world are on the brink of violence, today Pakistan and Afghanistan “joined the club” of the “offended ones”, which started with the brutal murder of US’s ambassador Stephens in Libya. Once again it’s “Al Qaeda’s fault”, but let’s be honest for once and acknowledge the very least, that Al Qaeda is just a front, which is buried or unburied depending on the bloody Geopolitical gaming policymakers intend to play, and we are not talking about the US. Some scholars have suggested that the fact of US’s augmented presence with troops on the ground now “was an exploitation of this pretext”, but those scholars seem to have forgotten that before this limbo broke out, the US was in a disengaging mode.

The blaim lies elsewhere, in US politics of course, when they “sprung” the “Arab Spring”, unleashing the menace, the fury and the murdering radicalism not of Islam, but of its fascist aspect once it was combined with the teachings of Martin Bormann, successor of Hitler and the military training by Otto Skorzeny, the commando leader of the Waffen SS, who trained the first Fedayin troops.

So, who is behind all these, a revived Al Qaeda, some Oligarchs who wish to further exploit the regions they think they have under control or the REAL NEW WORLD ORDER? Let’s consider this! For more than three years now, a raging Euro crisis has been consuming Southern European States turning them into contemporary Labor Camps. Antisemitism has come back with a vengeance, Germany has almost completely denounced its NATO ties, signing the Meseberg Treaty with Russia, as we have mentioned before and the US has been making one blunder after the other in a consecutive way. Now, besides the Arab Limbo, China is inserted in the chessboard wishing to exploit the already existing heavy toll, at both political and military level, which the US has come to pay after a series of unbelievable mistakes in its Foreign Policy. Before there was this island dispute crisis, Merkel and Putin visited Beijing. Now, that fact alone says little to nothing, but there is absolutely no way that several fronts are being flared up all around the world simultaneously out of pure…coincidence! Such “serendipitous” events are rare in Geopolitics, not to say non existent. This is clearly an attrition warfare with the “fools” manning the front lines!

Who are those fools? At the sectarian-religious level the Islam fanatics and at a state level the Chinese, who after the APEC summit (as we had predicted once again), and with aspirations lying in the upcoming Eurasian status quo, they feel confident enough to provoke the US (through Japan) and play an active role as a state in this “Attrition Marathon”. We honestly fail even to attempt to predict what the number one front of war might be! The whole world “smells like gasoline”, but it is very possible that the Chinese will definitely try to exploit, NOW, the revolution of the Muslim world, in order to make their move and expand territorially in the Pacific. In that case the Americans have to choose between “sending all they’ve got”, “Leave the Pacific to the Chinese” (highly unlikely) or leave Israel to the Muslim wolves (more likely, since it has become a fashion for the US lately to neglect Israeli affairs in the Middle East”

Brace for Impact, as China, the US and the Arab World will become involved in the clash with Germany and Russia staying out of the game until all their opponents are consumed by the “Mortal Combat” and only then assert themselves into the new era proposing what we have predicted so many times as the Eurasian alternative. Chancellor Merkel actually admitted it today in a way: “Euro is the symbol of Peaceful Growth”, but what she actually implied was “You are God damn right that we never gave up hoping that we will rule Europe, we just changed the modus operandi and by pursuing a Geoeconomic power center with cheap labor, thus rendering our Economy at least as competitive as that of China, and through our bonds with Russia, we not only rule Europe, but we get 50% of the whole world domination”. So bottom line, our official prediction is this: The Middle East, China and the US become worn out by chronic guerrilla and sectarian classes (Middle East) and broader scale conflicts (in the Pacific Region). Thus, three opponents engage themselves prematurely in the decaying Geopolitical status quo as a result from their own expectations to form a new one. Holding back, Germany and Russia wait, trying to contain the fire from spreading into their own ground and once the opponent is exhausted they strike with…an already formed-de facto- Confederation of States! Bismarck’s Grand Eurasia!

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