Brewing Conflicts in Northern Africa-US takes the bait of a new “Attrition Warfare”






Tragedy, mayhem and social chaos, are the best words to describe US’s new legacy, after the Arab Spring, with direct consequences, which will bring Israel to the brink of a war, which has become nearly solely asymmetrical. As we are informed both from Greece’s top military site (, Tehran Times and USA today, the post conflict turbulence experienced after the shocking death of Gaddafi, have now formed a belligerent reality for the whole North African region (probably Sudan as well). US is dispatching troops to Libya and Yemen after Ambassador’s Stephens death, which initiated another vicious circles of demonstrations in Libya, Yemen, Cairo, even Sudan. There have been reports that as soon as the demonstrations kicked off, a chopper full of Special Forces took off from Tripoli, bound to land to a safehouse, where the Embassy officials along with the late Ambassador Stephens were to be extracted. The safehouse location was allegedly a secret, but that was far from being the case as the commandos came under fire from professional extremist militias, who hit them with RPGs and Heavy Machine Guns! The safehouse had been “compromised” and the LZ (Landing Zone) was hot. The Libyan Fathi al-Obeidi, who was in charge of security, was meant to head towards the safehouse and meet up with the commandos and the officials (37 in number) and from there altogether were meant to fly to Tripoli and evacuate the country. What Obeidi described later on Reuters is cringing:

“I really believe that this attack was planned,” he said, adding to suggestions by other Libyan officials that at least some of the hostility towards the Americans was the work of experienced combatants. “The accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any regular revolutionaries.””It began to rain down on us,”

About six mortars fell directly on the path to the villa,” he said. “During this firing, one of the marines whom I had brought with me was wounded and fell to the ground.

“As I was dragging the wounded marine to safety, some marines who were located on the roof of the villa as snipers shouted and the rest of the marines all hit the ground.

“A mortar hit the side of the house. One of the marines from the roof went flying and fell on top of us.”

Bottom Line, “someone” was waiting for them at the safehouse, the position of which was no longer a secret. The rest is known, but now after the eruption of further protests, the Obama Administration is ready to respond militarily and over a region which spans the whole Northern Africa. In different times, it would be assumed by a wide range of people including scholars and conspiracy theorists, that the US wants to secure the whole area, so that it can contain the spillovers of the Arab Spring, but right here right now, this scenario is far from having any base whatsoever. In less than two months away from American elections, a President is about to get involved into another campaign once again against a foe, who exists most of the time in theory and when it materializes, it cannot be predicted as to how and where it’s going to do so. That term is terrorism and as usual the US politicians, keep seeing the problem as “the nail”, only this time they don’t have “the hammer”. To cut a long story short, the US is about to get involved in another attrition warfare, which is about to leave the country a “skeleton of its former glory”. It was the right decision at the right time from the perpetrators, while the exact opposite for the US, a hasty move-to say the least-which will end up with its loss of grip over the Middle East.

A flying “Battery” capable of maximizing the fire support from air, the AC-130 is in no need of any further introduction!

We are informed that the forces dispatched include: A whole expeditionary force of Marines (boots on the ground i.e the next most foolish decision after Iraq), 12 C-130 type planes (4 MC-130Hs,  2 HC-130Ns,  4 HC-130Ps and 2 AC-130U), 2 Arleigh Burke class destroyers (bearing Tomahawk cruise missile and carrying trained Counter Terrorism units known as FAST, Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team), an amphibious warfare ship, along with a MEU team and AV-8B Harrier II aircrafts. This is a formidable force to fight an enemy you almost know nothing about, in terms of his hideouts, his modus operandi, his tactics and ABOVE ALL HIS FUNDERS. Even George W. Bush (definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer) had stated before the invasion in Afghanistan: “I am not gonna spend million dollars on cruise missiles just to hit a Camel’s butt”. That’s what the administration is doing now and let us suppose that the terrorists are found and are funded by extremists, the same extremists who fought against Gaddafi. What is the US going to do? Re-bomb the place into Democracy? We can’t even dare to think the consequences of such a humiliation in the global, already bleeding status of the United States of America. The whole reaction is frenetic and has to be stopped or else there will be a heavy toll, which Israel WILL BE CALLED TO PAY, in the middle of its greatest existential crisis since 1973. 


Again it is our prerogative to ask: Who and why is trying to engage the US in an attrition warfare in the Middle East? The events seem to have another dimension beyond the “You will reap what you saw” one. Is it in anyway connected to what we wrote sometime ago regarding Russia’s withdrawal from Tartus (you can see the article here). Back then we had written: ”

As thing are developing in the Middle East, the future suggests that large zones of sectarian conflict will form up regardless of whether Assad stays or goes. As a matter of fact it is debatable whether this particular scenario makes any difference anymore, with the Arab Spring revolts spreading to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. As a consequence of the anarchy, which will be established, especially if the Israelis hit Iran and the Americans impose a no fly zone over Syria, Middle East will become a “no man’s land”, a broader area of violence, terrorism and chaos.

In that case, those who are involved in this-the least to say-”unfavorable” situation will be consumed in an attrition warfare, Israel included. And since the US can no longer provide the same guarantees for the protection of Israel, the later will seek Russia’s help, in return for-not one-but many naval bases in the Mediterranean sea. With that mentality, in the long run, who cares about Tartus?”


Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team aka FAST


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