Barack Obama-US’s Gorbachev

“Yes we can…” Democratize hell and face the consequences of radicalism, kill Bin Laden and then fund other terror cells, more extremist and more dangerous for the civilized men!



When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was the actions of Mikhail Gorbachev that led to the Geopolitical catastrophe that followed what seemed to be a “radical reform”. But in the 21st century Gorbachev’s legacy “comes back with a vengeance” in the face of the President of the US Barack Obama, who definitely has to answer for the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and the recent assassination of the American Ambassador in Libya. The facts are unchangeable now: The US facilitated the rise of radical Islamism in the Middle East, through overt and covert support during the revolutions, which are widely known collectively as “The Arab Spring”. As it is now crystal clear, the Administration knew all about the consequences of funding radical Islamist and terror cells in the region, thus contributing to the Geopolitical “earthquakes” which keep shaking the region and the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other members of the consulate. The pics that we are about to show are shocking for any civilized person’s eyes, yet they depict the kind of  Democracy, this administration is so fond of! Behold the people who were formerly “oppressed” by Gaddafi and now “blessed” by the gifts of Democracy, which “so much deserved”. Before the photos we insert a rather prophetic poem by Robert E. Howard, which although it refers to the area of “Nippon”, which is another name of Japan, portrays the hideous details of the era we and our children live in.

“Little Brown Man Of Nippon”

Little brown man of Nippon
Who apes the ways of the west,
You have set the sword on your standard,
And the eagle on your crest.

Little brown man of Nippon,
You have dreamed a deadly dream;
You have waked the restless ravens
And the rousing vultures scream.

Oh, lines of an unborn empire,
Foam of a rising flood,
Your bones shall mark the borders,
The tide shall be your blood.

Little brown man of Nippon,
Though the star of the West be set,
And the last of the fair-haired strew the field
Where East and West be met –

Though you herd us down like cattle,
And hew us down like corn,
Our blood shall drown your vision
Of the empire yet unborn.

In utter desolation, and despair
At the end, on a blackened hill,
You shall sit and view your empire,
Broken and charred and still.

The beams of shattered houses,
Reared stark against the sky,
And fields wherein, for waving grain,
Long waves of dead men lie.

We will set the torch with our own hands
To wall and roof and spire;
We will cut the throats of our women,
And feed our babes to the fire;

We will fling our naked bosoms
Against your bloodied steel;
As you tread us under, dying,
Our teeth shall rend your heel.

But, little brown man of Nippon,
Should the dice fall otherwise,
And the gods of the fair-haired triumph
When the battle-dawns arise –

We will give your flesh to the sea-gulls
And your cities to the flame,
Till the world forgets your visions,
And the years forget your name.

Over your island empire
Shall our steel-clad squadrons fly
Till the land lies black and silent
Under a flame-ripped sky.

Till the hungry wolf goes slinking
Along your shattered streets,
And the kite in your ruined palace
Tears at the crimson meats.

And over the crimson gutters
Which infant bodies choke
The raven flaps and strangles
In the drifting shreds of smoke.

No plough shall break your valleys,
No song shall rouse your hill –
Still and silent the ploughmen,
The singers silent and still.

And your nation’s only emblem,
Oh, man of the crimson dream –
Save corpses in the broken streets
And the death-fires’ baleful gleam –

Shall hang at the prow of a cruiser,
That furrows the flying foam,
Bearing the spoils of conquest
To the fair-haired people’s home.

Shall hang at the prow of a cruiser,
Grinning and dripping red,
The price of a dream of empire –
Little brown man, your head.

No human being deserves this, let alone an American esteemed figure! A bearer of Democracy, which murderers obviously do not deserve!

On behalf of Focus Dynamics we wish to extend our sympathy to the loved ones of the victim along with our hope that some day people who are responsible for this atrocity (perpetrators included) will stand trial before of the Hague’s Tribunal

“We came, we saw, he died”, said Mrs Clinton commenting on the brutal death of a “dictator”. Unfortunately Gaddafi was not the only one who experienced this horror…

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