Turks take command of elements of the FSA-The new “Baader-Meinhof” complex







What happened when Andreas Baader met Ulrike Meinhof? History states that they founded the Baader-Meinhof complex also known as RAF (Red Army Faction), which spread terror in Germany until its dissolution in 1998. Since terrorism had a history long before the 9/11 strike against the WTC, it is fair enough to make such comparisons, when discussing the malignancy of terrorism, either by comparing groups of radicals or states that fund groups of radicals or simply radical states. That said, it is not unfair to compare the Baader-Meinhof complex with the recent Turkey-FSA “alliance”. Just because it has the blessing of the Obama Administration and General Petraeus himself, this fact alone does not make this alliance less unholy or legitimizes in any way Turkey’s opportunistic actions in order to augment its power as a Neo-Ottoman entity in the Minor Asia region. Applying a two measurement standard when it comes to terrorism, is something already proven to have-the least to say-catastrophic consequences to the Global Security. State leader “discovered” terrorism when the US was hit, but Osama bin Laden existed since he was funded by CIA cells in order to fight against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. In a way, the same thing occurs nowadays. Ostensibly, bin Laden was shot dead (doesn’t matter whether he was or wasn’t carrying a gun when the SEALS stormed in his residence in Pakistan), Al Qaeda was weakened, but the West seems to “miss” those “good old days” of Al Qaeda’s insurgency, or so it seems, since the US tolerates the fact that the “Free Syrian Army” comprises extremist elements, one of them being the revived Al Qaeda. So, there is a two measurement approach when it comes to terrorism, depending on the political necessity of the US or Turkey, anytime a political administration wish to capitalize on the existence of extremist cells. It is not widely admitted, through actions and serious counter measures, that radical extremist is the most important threat the Free World faces today, regardless of whether a regime has to fall or stay in power. Is Assad’s fall more important than the Free World’s defense against terrorism? Because some seem to be willing to tip the scale in favor of the second, using as a pretext the “necessity for a political change” in a broader and highly dangerous region such as the Middle East. One would argue, that even in the case of a putative “alien invasion”, whereby terrorists, could be used to fight against “aliens”, the pretext of using terror cells as a means to an end, would still be illegal, unjustifiable and a crime against humanity.


Turkey’s Neo-Ottoman vision, under the “auspice” or “blind eye” of the US! Martin Dempsey does not want to be complicit to Iran’s bombing, but several US administrations have been complicit and provoked this Geopolitical fallout

So according to DEBKA:

“Turkish army officers have assumed direct command of the first two Syrian rebel brigades fighting Bashar Assad’s government forces, according to debkafile’s exclusive sources. This step has sent military tensions rocketing on Israel’s northern borders with Syria and Lebanon in case of a backlash.
The rebel North Liberators Brigade in the Idlib region of northern Syria and the Tawhid Brigade fighting in the Al-Bab area northeast of Aleppo are now taking their operational orders from Turkish officers, who exercise their authority from headquarters outside Syria in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep. Nonetheless, Turkey is considered to have stepped directly into the Syrian conflict marking the onset of foreign intervention…”

We disagree with DEBKA only on the last point made in terms of Turkey “marking the onset of foreign intervention”. “Foreign intervention” was evident all the way since the Syrian crisis started, with Turkey doing everything overtly or covertly to leave its “Neo-Ottoman footprint” on the region, regardless of who was fighting whom, how many civilians were shot dead by the gangsters of the FSA, how many children were slaughtered-Iraqi style-or how many innocents were blown up each time “Allah’s will” armed the hands of Al-Qaeda. And who gets to pay the bill in the end? Israel, which has to face Hizbollah in Lebanon, which not unexpectedly, is ready to make its move in order to further consolidate its power over Lebanon and the Middle East. But the worst case scenario has not yet come to pass. It will, though, when (not if anymore, since the Russians justifiably bugged out of Tartus) the No-Fly zone will be established, Assad’s regime falls and chaos will give rise to sectarian conflicts, which can spark all over the Middle East from Morocco to Lebanon. Again, though, this speculation is based on the better case scenario that Saudi Arabia survives through the Arab Spring and the monarchy stays loyal to the West. If the monarchy falls, then Israel will have-at best- a 50-50 scenario of maintaining its existence as a state entity. 

Not all states allow a bunch of oligarchs to view the Geopolitical status quo of the world as if it was another Wall Street gamble. Some states like Israel and Russia, actually do mind about what’s happening in their “backyards” and whether their state security will be compromised by the blunders of puppet political figures!

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