Focus Dynamics’ prediction once again coming true-Germans, “Too fast, too furious”

Crucial countdown for major Geopolitical rearrangements! For Germany, it is a matter of expansion, for the US, though, this is a matter of holding its position in the turbulent Mediterranean region!






A “Hattrick” for our Research Center and the warnings or “predictions”, which were posted in the past. This one comes out directly from Handelsblatt, a leading German language business newspaper: “The Greek crisis raises concerns regarding stability in the Balkan region”, according to the newspaper, something like “A Balkan Spring” (First written by Focus Dynamics) danger. “The Euro-populists seem to forget one thing”, the article further states, “that Greece is a political barrier against extremism and terrorism and of course one {barrier}, which shields Europe from the recent political developments in the Middle East and the surge of radical elements”.

Does this remind us of “The Mediterranean Bridgehead”? The project we have been working on, posing exactly the same reasons why Russia and the US should focus on Greece in order to halt the spread of extremism and terrorism in light of recent developments in the Middle East.

Philip Missfelder, acting as Foreign Policy Spokesman for the Fraction of the Christian Democrats, in the German Parliament, stated that “Because of Greece’s geographical location in the South Eastern Europe, the country is rendered as extremely important for the EU’s peripheral stability”.

This statement is a “warm up” of what is going to occur within days or weeks in Greece. In the article on the possibility of a military coup in Greece, we had expressed our fears regarding how and by whom this coup is going to be organized! We had pointed out that if it is orchestrated by the Americans like the one in 1967, then the US will solidify their position in the rich in natural resources Mediterranean Region and at the same time counter Germany’s unorthodox efforts to instill a slave zone in the South. But, as we had pointed out, if the Germans prove to be “too fast too furious”, then the EUROGENDFOR may find the right pretext and intervene in order for Germany to encapsulate Greece, as the first state of the upcoming United States of Europe.

And what would be a better pretext than the one stated by Messfelder? Greece has a prolonged and thorough migration issue with extremists coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the regions that were hit by the recent Arab Spring uprisings. There have been warnings that radical Muslims could initiate a chain of terrorist strikes, amidst the worst economic situation Greece has ever experienced, combined with the rise of ultra-nationalism! Should that happen, Greece will be just hours away from the installation of a military junta, made either in the US or Germany! 

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