Coup d’etat: A possible endgame in the Greek Financial Crisis

“Harry” trying to break the ice with the hardcores

The title is quite ironic, but so is the Prime Minister of Greece, Antonios Samaras, who acts like a captain headed straight towards the deadly reef. What has been occurring so far in Greece, is-the least to say-inexplicable. Let’s start from the beginning. When Georgios Andrea Papandreou (or simply GAP, like mind the gap for example, in that case the anatomical gap within the cranial cavity) made Obama-like promises to close down Gitmo sound like “honest political rhetoric”, promising that “There’s plenty of money” and then drove the country directly towards today’s financial limbo, Antonios was full of objections. “Don’t ask us to concur to something wrong”, he said, “Don’t ask us to become your accomplices, while you are tearing this country apart”, he also said (not once or twice, actually he was stating the above constantly). “We will eliminate the deficit in a year”, again he said, thus acquiring his first nickname, Harry Potter. “We will build up a committee to punish those who are responsible for the Memorandum, there are political consequences here for opinions taken”. Nice words, but those people are trained for those purposes. Actually it should have been the other way round in history. Reagan should have been a professional politician, who became president and they should have been professional actors, who were elected as Prime Ministers with a “license to kill”, but let’s not draw any conclusions yet!

“Mind the GAP”, but nevermind, it’s already too late now!

After the shelling of the country’s image and the disgrace that Greek citizens bore all over Europe (we can’t say all over the world, because the world does not actually look like a malignancy with dark spots of recurring arias of nationalism, as in Europe for example), mainly because {The} GAP’s policy resembled crisis management of a seemingly interdimensional (yes we do imply that in some cases he thought he lived in a parallel dimension) political orientation, all of a sudden, Antonios (aka Komanechi as his new nickname replaced the Harry Potter one, obviously because of the flip-flops) shows up in Europe and….Merkel and the whole European Commission “fall in love”. Now German politicians PROTEST each time a magazine (like Focus or Der Spiegel for example) refers to the Greeks “politically incorrectly” as “Starving”, “Disgraced”, “Sold out” and so on and so forth. Even the sculpture Aphrodite of Mylos lost (again) her arm pointing “the finger” at the country, as the Germans no longer found it necessary. Siemens…well humans make mistakes don’t they? They just kissed (some billion Euros) and made up for the Black moneys, the failed equipment, the off shores, the “laundering services” etc. 
It does seem a little strange doesn’t it? But then again, it might not be! Samaras as {The} GAP studied in Harvard, last time we checked it was in the US (it still is by do by). So, while Mr Komanechi has us “stunned” by his unique stunts of professional political gymnastics, still we can’t help but wonder, can it really be true? Has this man tried so hard to become Prime Minister just to follow his predecessor’s political line and get the country more addicted to the European money and whims (not mutually exclusive as one may already know)? It is true that most politicians are monomaniacs living to see themselves sitting on official chairs, but Samaras’s background suggests otherwise. 

What if? And we say if, because here we express opinions and thoughts, which still exist in a Democratic (or something like that) context. So, let’s say that the Harvard boy (the wizard who became a flexible Olympic winner in politics) tried to hypnotize “The Cobra” and as a matter of fact he made it, while the Americans warm up the ex Gladio contacts to orchestrate a coup d’etat (the one with the American accent). This scenario is not without base, as we have already mentioned the fact that Antonios is giving back to the army what was taken from them when the {American-induced} junta fell (in 1974) and that would be executive powers, official powers and any additional words in front of the “powers”, so that they can “react” “when the time comes”. What times, one may wonder. Well, recent articles in the International Herald Tribune suggest that unless Turkey and Cyprus (and of course Greece) come up with a solution in order to solve their territorial disputes so that the drilling starts, then the solution is going to come down to the primitive one of war!

Summing it up: The US (through the Herald) warns, “beware”, Antonios acts as Merkel’s “YES MAN”, but at the same time he restores the authorities the military had before the fall of the junta. What’s more, Simos Kedikoglou, the government’s spokesman states: “All those who wear uniforms are capable of fighting and at the moment all Greeks wear uniforms”. Romantic, patriotic and many more, but he wasn’t the first one to state that! Kostarakos the chief of staff of the Hellenic Armed Forces said it first, Kedikoglou just restated it, confirming it politically.

So, isn’t it a little bit dangerous? Giving Europeans a carte blanche on the one hand, to make the final raid in Greece with austerity cuts touching the enormous sum of almost 18 bn Euros (they say 11.5) and on the other elevating the army’s role? And on top, he provokes the society, namely THE LEFTISTS, in order to feel confident, thus flush them out when “the time comes”. Thus is it not highly probable that Antonios aka Komaneci aka Harry-Potter has a plan already in motion to counter the Germans (and the Russians who approach the rich sites) by inducing an artificial crisis, which may be enhanced by a potential Turkish attack in the Eastern Aegean and thus provide the army (under America’s blessings) with a good excuse in order to cease power and reinstate a strong American influence in the region? But, then again on the other hand, isn’t it also possible that the Germans know everything about it and just like in 1967 when everything was prepared by the British and the French for Generals to take over, CIA intervened and gave powers to the colonels, in turn intervene through the EUROGENDFOR and install their own puppet military (or non military) government, thus cutting off the Americans from the region once and for all? In 2011 protests it was reported that some “anarchists” spoke Dutch, Italian and other European languages fluently amid rumors that elements of the EUROGENDFOR had already infiltrated Greek soil and demonstrated the business as usual Gladio performance (i.e using those elements of the Gladio which still exist as nuclei but do not operate under the orders of the US). Science Fiction? Not really, just enjoying another Harry Potter movie! Besides, Voldemort rose again from the dead in the movie and it is commonly known that nothing, which is evil enough stays dead for a long time. “That is not dead which can eternal lie, yet with stranger aeons, even Death may die.”

Well those “stranger eons” have not yet come to pass!!!

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