Israel-Locked and Loaded in a “Game of Thrones”






In a response to Hizbollah’s military exercise Israel has proven that with or without the aid of the United States, it is ready to prove once again “a pain” for those who seek to annihilate the country. The mobilization of the “Golani Brigade” has been such as to cancel out all the negative effect at the level of info war, that Hizbollah’s exercise caused. The Golani Brigade is bound to fight Hizbollah in Southern Lebanon and at the borders of Syria, i.e the sites from which Hizbollah operates. Besides the Golani,the 13th Infantry Regiment along with elements of tank units were deployed. In the exercise, the new IFV “Namer” was featured, which is basically a Merkava IV without the turret. It bears a new turret, though, with an M2 gun, a 60 mm mortar and of course the new self protection system “Trophy”. It was an ideal exercise to send the message that the foes of Israel will pay a heavy price, should they choose to choose the way of hostility, according to the words of Lt General Benny Gantz!

Israel faces another very crucial period, in which its existence will be re-disputed by its peripheral foes (Iran included), to the extent it was disputed back in 1973, during the Yom Kippur surprise attack. Except of post 1979 “traditional enemies”, Israel has reacquired the “Egyptian thorn” at its Western borders, after the elections, which installed Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, as the supreme leader of the country. Once again the Shina peninsula is re-militarized with the pretext that the Egyptians wage a war against militants, who operate from there, a very good story, not encountered for the first time of course, and definitely “Made in Muslimania”.

Regardless of whether Israel bombs or not Iran, it has to face its enhanced proxy presence in the near future. Operation Opera is an historic example, which depicts Israel’s doctrine when it comes to preemptive strikes. In 1981 Israeli jets bombed a nuclear reactor purchased by Iraq from France and which was ostensibly going to be used for “Peaceful Purposes” (Striking deza-vous indeed). When analyzed objectively, Israel’s presence in the region is tremendously difficult. Sure thing one can be a captain on his personal yacht or a captain in a hurricane, it is though the second case, the hurricane, which Israelis have been facing since 1948, when Israel state was founded.

“I don’t want to be complicit if Israel attacks Iran”, stated Martin Dempsey, but isn’t it a bit too late for such kind of moral restraints from the US’s side? The Obama regime has proven not only useless to counter the growing insurgency in the Middle East, it “blessed” it as well, having the “Arab Spring revolts” written allover US’s modern history, and that was clearly not a sign of support towards Israel from the first place. There are rumors that President Obama (with all due respect), favors the Muslim extremists over Western presence in the region, but even if we chose to neglect those rumors the facts remain. US-the Obama regime-having favored an “Arab Spring” has left Israel abandoned to its own “Winter” and this Winter is going to be of a fictional scale, specifically of that described in “The Game of Thrones” and emphasized each time one of the characters states with awe that “Winter is coming”. That’s exactly what Middle East politics has come down to. A Game of Thrones, in which you Win or you Die. Whatever happened to Realpolitik? Probably completely gone since Geopolitics was substituted by the era of Geoeconomics and the needs of the few!

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