Banks-The modern “Nephilims”-Disorder and cure through state-market capitalism

Myth has it that we were once “visited by Gods”, who were “loved” by mortal women and so mortal women gave birth to “Giants”, the so called “Nephilims”. In the recent global financial reality the myth has become a s0bbering nightmare, as in this parallel Banks have become as dangerous as the mythical “Nephilims” literally eating people, states, national and private wealth”. Financial Gurus state that capitalism is dead and dis functional, but unless they have other motivations in insisting into something so outrageous, then they are wrong. Indeed there are many “wizards”, whose opinions count in modern markets. Most of them have found themselves wealthier after the financial Tsunami that hit the US in 2008 and they are definitely much wealthier now with the raging European Crisis. They sort, they sell, they buy, they invest in Credit Default Swaps, they influence newspapers and opinions and it turn modern financial stock markets look like “The British weather” one moment sunny, the other stormy.

What it should be realized, though, especially in those moments of despair is that states are still alive. We don’t know of course for how much longer, but they still breath and the political leader have some room to maneuver. Indeed, as Alessio Rastani so outrageously stated, that the “hawks” are dreaming about a financial crisis to get richer and that modern leaders are nothing more than well paid civil servants, this is true to some extent. But, if those “civil servants” used at least this minimum-for the place they possess-power in order to counter the anarchocapitalism, which has obliterated the Middle class, then they would be no more Rastanis, or Soros or Paulson or Rubinis, to name just a few.

The critical question is what can they do? Seemingly it is impossible for them to take decisions before consulting with centers of policy making, yet solutions do not always have to be radical and outside the context of the already existing laws of Democracy, even this Western type post-Reagan Democracy, which may have destroyed “an empire of evil” yet created another, which is viral and highly contagious. As it is well known the human body has microbes, even pathogens, that solely exist there for reasons of competition. They are actually considered an elemental barrier in the organism’s defense. To put it plainly, with the microbes that exist on the human skin it is highly complicated other microbes to invade as if they do so, they will have to face…competition. So, how is that related to the banks and the contemporary “societal cancer”? Well, destroying the “cancer cells” may “kill the patient”, but if states decide, always in the context of free market competition, to create state institutes, which will have the role of modern rogue banks, then “the patient” may live to see groundbreaking results. Most analysts suggest that people should take the streets and “fight” the banks and strangely enough this is not considered as dangerous as “communism”. On the other hand, each time there is a conversation about the state owning certain institutes or property at all, then the tag of “Communism” follows. Market capitalism is not that useless as they present it, no matter how many experts gather up and state this. Laissez-faire and deregulation have proven useless and dangerous elements, but there is still plenty of room for hope. Germany has to one extent been shielded amidst the Geoeconomic hurricane, as only 10% of her banks (the so called Landesbanken) are exposed to the laissez-faire “casino royal” tactics. The rest of them are savings banks and this is something that is constantly “omitted” from conversations on the European crisis. The reason behind this is not a matter of this analysis, although it is well know and for many “experts” it falls within the sphere of conspiracy theories, although Germany’s appetite for peripheral hegemony is a staggering Geopolitical reality.

With institutions founded and funded by the state with the sole purpose of refunding the middle class, through low interest loans for example, the “big banks” are going to react. But it is not necessary that this fight will be carried out between the states themselves and the banks. It can be easily fought at a proxy level, with those state funded institutions competing legally and within the Democratic framework that Western Democracies still possess. Thus, there will be no “nuclear detonations”, no going back to the “Stone age” scenarios, no defaults and no debt shaking stories. Just pure free market competition.

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