“Surprising epiphany”-It’s fun to be right, but only when you are quoted


After the publication of our opinion regarding the prospect of a negative Geopolitical impact Assange’s case may have in Latin America, we were pleased to see that other blogs in the “blogosphere” not only agreed with us, but went into the trouble of further elaboration. We are pleased to see that such a new website, like ours, draws much attention, but we cannot say the same when our opinions are published unquoted. Of course, neither Assange nor his foolish repercussions lie in our property in any Trade Mark or Copyright whatsoever, however the fact remains that long before Assange’s speech we, in the context of expressing our opinion, had first warned against broader repercussions, which would span into Latin American territory. We do not wish to use any legal means now or in the future to protect our ideas or “inspirations” or the necessary maturity that we possess in order to venture into making as accurate predictions as we can. We believe in some unwritten rules like “word of honor”, alien notions to some people, yet very meaningful for us here at Focus Dynamics. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate “Politi-size Magazine” on their article regarding Julian Assange and the repercussions of his actions in Latin America. We actually consider it as an act of support even though the most respected authors omitted to quote on both of our posts regarding Mr Assange’s case. At the end of the day, we are all busy handling the tons of information coming to us hour by hour, so we guess it is only “natural for some mistakes, like not quoting other people’s opinions, to occur”! We still think, though, that their analysis is important enough and it should be republished! Enjoy!


{SOURCE} Politi-size Magazine (http://politi-size.com)




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