Assange’s speech-“Throwing more oil in the fire of anarchy”, justification of our Research Center


Julian Assange’s speech just a few hours ago designated that this man’s role cannot be confined into “journalistic” (We so apologize to real journalists about the term we are using, although it is in brackets). Julian Assange is a “loose cannon” now indeed having adopted an active role in the Latin American affairs as we, firstly in Focus Dynamics Research Institute had predicted.

“…This Friday there will be an emergency meeting of the foreign ministers of Latin America in Washington DC to address this situation. And so I am grateful to the people and governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela and to all of the other Latin American countries who have come to defend the right to asylum…”

So, in other words Mr Assange would like to thank those, who, because of him, have engaged in the lunatics’ call of the new dimension of “Free speech” aka ESPIONAGE! Victor Suvorov was a spy, Mitrokhin was condemned as a leaker, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, so what happened to the term “espionage”, did it just disappear into the new vocabulary of politically correct terms? The sole fact, the terrifying reality, which is no other than the incapability of Assange supporters to grasp the reason behind his prosecution, is indeed one of the most terrifying events in Global Politics. And it is considered as such, from our point of view, because “a spy” handles Top Secret information, leaking it anywhere he wants, whereas the new hybrid (alas) that we have come up with is not “a spy”, it is a vessel, which “defends free speech and human rights”. For those who fail to grasp it, this is an open defiance of the sovereign Nation States. The word spy indicates that there are indeed sovereign states against which an individual can act, whereas in a “FREE WORLD” there are no spies, only “Defenders of free speech” and other-up to recently- very serious ideas such as Democracy, Love, Freedom and the list goes all the way down to blend all of them in an establishment of a new form of anarchy.

We repeat our points stressed in the previous article about Assange, under no circumstances do we wish to justify the killing of innocents, the plots against other nations’ governments and all those issues wikileaks are all about, but…but…but! Those things have been going on forever and when it comes to State Secrets, this is an open question of whether the State does preserve the prerogative to classify information as TOP SECRET! In addition, even if we do acknowledge that Wikileaks has offered “gifts of freedom to the people”, then why didn’t they expose the actions of the German troops in Afghanistan, who were accused of butchering women and children after having consumed large quantities of alcohol? And as a matter of fact this was the reason why US AND UK ARMY OFFICIALS, AVOIDED TAKING GERMAN CONTINGENTS WITH THEM WHILE OPERATING THERE! The sole reason why those documents were leaked in the first place was to further harm the image of the US, already severely damaged by a President (George W. Bush) whose legitimacy is questioned from the moment he “won” the elections to the day he gave the office to his successor. And regarding the issue of the “Neocon cabinet” there is much to be told as to the whats and whys, which lie behind the specific policy which was adopted (We do have serious evidence that this policy was influenced by “Other states” or “State actors” who have infiltrated into the US, while serving an ultra-nationalist purpose of “some states” that today are allegedly “Burdened” by the “European Crisis”).

In conclusion, the role South American states are assuming is “a gateway” to some new problems the US has to face. We have already emphasized that there is a great danger the US to be fighting wars in order to keep its peripheral hegemony in the future in the American continent. But, who are we? After all, we neither desecrate temples in the name of “political reaction”, nor leak any TOP SECRET documents via the internet, so it does not surprise us very much the fact that our voice is still one “crying out in the desert”. As for the TV channel Russia Today, which has hosted Mr Assange’s show, the show they have hosted has backfired on them and on the Kremlin. The Russians have to learn not to “feed hands that bite anyway”. Unfortunately, the tactics of the soft politics require extensive planning on who to trust and why. We are, thus, sorry to hear the RT’s “child” statement that:

“On Friday a Russian band were sentenced to two years in jail for a political performance”! End of the day, in the eyes of a whistleblower, even desecration of the hollies is an act of “political performance”

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