A lesson of Political Leadership from the ’90s



Hollywood hasn’t always been, at least solely, the creator of super heroes with powers coming from extra terrestrial areas to a simple bite of a spider. We have picked this excerpt from Al Pacino’s Best movie, “Scent of a woman”, which beyond a lesson on life gives a profound lesson on the deep sociopolitical values, which are nowadays non applicable and almost extinct. “I have seen boys like these, younger than these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off, but there is nothing like a site of an amputated spirit…”, “…makers of men, creators of leaders be careful what kind of leaders you are producing here…” are just some of the quotes we come across and which make us think that should we had reacted back then to the degradation of human spirit, should we had shielded those social values we are striving to resurrect today, none of this would have happened. Yet another proof of the economy being something beyond maths, it’s the tip of the iceberg collapsing when the societal base and its values deteriorate into the simplicity of amoralism and the degradation of the human spirit. It’s still not too late to change all that!

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