Sharpening the Assassin’s dagger: Saudis are ordered to evacuate Lebanon

The Saudis are evacuating Lebanon! The embassy of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon call the Saudi citizens “to immediately evacuate the country”! Israel has made it clear that in the case of Assad’s fall, it will conduct operations in Lebanon in order to contain Hizbollah’s inevitable rising power, which will be facilitated by religious wars following Syria’s disarray. Israel was not favored by the Arab Spring, on the contrary Netanyahu is sitting on pins and needles and it is logical for the Israelis to prefer “The devil they know” aka Bashar Al Assad. The reason behind the imminent evacuation may also be linked to the upcoming strike against Iran, although this will not take place until October, if of course it takes place at all! There have been speculations on how many planes Israel would require in order to bomb the nuclear facilities of Iran and these estimate not less than 100 planes, a number which the Israelis do not possess and even if they did possess it, it would be impossible to destroy all the facilities, which are scattered around the country. For the operation JDAM (Satellite Guided) along with GBU (Laser Guided) penetrating missiles are necessary to be used, because the facilities are way underground. With the Russian commandos in Syria and the plans of action of Israel either against Hamas or Iran or against those two simultaneously , one thing is certain, that the war in the Middle East will not be postponed for much longer. Be that as it may,though, “Winter is coming”, food prices are already skyrocketing and a turmoil in the Middle East one can expect to boost the oil into “stratospheric” values (a fact which will augment the vicious circle of food crisis->more expensive oil->even higher food crisis). Brace tight!

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