Hostile Waters-Russians dispatch Akula class “Boomer” to Mexico’s gulf and Tu-95 to Alaska

The world is going through a deep crisis and the political leaders have rendered themselves incapable of handling the deepest impact yet to be seen. Focus Dynamics Research has emphasized the danger behind the use of Counter-Insurgency tactics solely, in order for US to be fully protected and responsive. The results are evident, this time in the Gulf of Mexico. According to sources and American Media, the Russians have dispatched an Akula type Nuclear Submarine (often designated as “Boomers”) to the Gulf of Mexico. The Boomer remained undetected until the captain decided to surface, in other words he chose when to get detected. American officials have stated on WSJ that “{The Navy} is responsible for detecting nuclear subs through underwater sensors and satellite techniques. The fact that it failed to do so has raised by itself great concerns”.

As if that was not alarming, at the same time Tu-95 bombers violated the airspace of Alaska twice notably in June and July. The bombers bore cruise missiles and according to some reports they seemed to be targeting Alaska’s air defenses. Specifically on July 4 a bomber violated West Coast’s air space only to be intercepted (naturally) by American F-16 jets dispatched for this purpose. In the case of the Tupolevs, it is the first time since the end of the cold-war that Russia violates en mass US’s airspace in Alaska, the same though cannot be said about the “Boomer”. In 2009, after the Caucasus crisis which almost brought the Russian Federation and the United States at the brink of conflict, two Akulas were found to be patrolling near the US’s East Coast. 

The facts speak for themselves and it would be pointless from our side to stretch how dangerous the tensions between the RF and the US can prove out to be for the Globe’s stability. We will note though, that the relations between the two countries have been put to the test, as the Obama administration has failed to “tame the bear” through the application of the so called “Restart”, which was meant to reduce the tension after the Russian-Georgian war. The US has put enormous gravity in the installation of a Missile Defense Shield in Poland, a project the future of which is questionable after Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski recent intervention. Additional “unfortunate” pursuits have been the establishment of a No-Fly-Zone “Libyan style” over Syria, West’s Interference through supplying the Free Syrian Army with weapons and last but not least the allegations still “hanging in the air” that the demonstrations which followed Russia’s elections were funded from “the outside”. True or not true, the fact that the West was not very pleased with Putin’s reelection as president of the Russian Federation, remains an undisputed fact. Moreover the interference of Alexei Navalny, a well known Russian blogger and activist, has made the situation worse, as Navalny was funded by somewhere in order to buy stocks in various Russian state owned companies like Rosneft and Transneft and subsequently “blow the whistle”, every time something not transparent came to pass. The Russians openly accused Western Intelligence Services of Navalny’s actions, however nothing is proven at least up to date.

The two ex cold war foes now seem to be going through another Cold War phase, the difference though this time is that there are other “major Geopolitical Players” as well, a fact that makes the repercussions of potential future crises even more severe. The US administration has pursued cuts in the defense sector up to 487 billion dollars, while on the other hand, Russia spends huge sums in order to restore her former glory (most likely by 2020). Of course 2020 is far ahead of 2012, but if in 2012 an Akula infiltrates American waters, what could happen in 8 years from now, when the “Rodina” will be fully armed and operational? More info on the Boomer can be found in wikipedia, following the link below

Below you may find three videos, one is a teaser derived from a game, in which a Russian pilot’s codename “Akula”, spreads terror just by the sound of it.


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