Turkey unable to handle PKK’s occupation of its SE region

PKK, the Kurdish party, which strives for an autonomous Kurdistan has burst its insurgency, especially during the last year. Amid an ongoing Turkey-Israeli crisis since the attack on Mavi Marmara, a ship allegedly carrying humanitarian help to Gaza (carrying armed MIT agents as well) there have been speculations and accusation from the Turkish side that Israel is offering aid to the insurgents. Be that as it may, the fighters of PKK have developed a new savvy on the battlefield exhibiting discipline along with skills usually encountered in a tactical army, instead of a rebel one. Although PKK never gave up the fight for an independent Kurdistan, its activity plunged after the arrest of Abduallah Ocalan, the party’s leader back in February of ’99. In 2003 during operation Iraqi Freedom the Americans grew a particular interest in the Kurdish issue, since the Turks denied passage to the allied troops, whereas the Kurds participated in the overthrow of the Iraq regime.

Amidst the growing tension on Syrian soil, Kurds grabbed the chance and launched an attack against regions of SE Turkey, thus augmenting their armed liberating conflict on Turkish soil. Specifically the Turkish government imposed martial law on 7 zones in the Hakari province, while Turkish officials do not deny the fact that they just cannot cope with the occupation of Şemdinli, Zap and Zagros by the Kurds. We should note that the region in dispute has the size of Western Thrace, as Greek popular site defencenet (www.defencenet.gr) reports. The overall stability in the Eastern Mediterranean Region is heavily disputed. It is our estimation that should the Turks fail to get back those territories, they may try to annex news ones, which they do not belong to them, for example Western Thrace or a large part of the Eastern Aegean Region, lying close to the Turkish coastline. The issue has become more serious, because of recent activities concerning its Natural Resources. President of Israel Simon Peres visited Athens pointing out the importance of a Greek naval armada being dispatched in Cyprus, as in the case of a conflict, regardless whether it is big or small, the Israeli navy will not be able to defend the area by itself. Greece is in a dramatic situation, because of the economic crisis, but still her armed forces drill intensively, a sign that the general brew may lead after all to the necessity of repelling a potential agressive move by Turkey. How things will play out, is a fact which remains to be seen

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