Turkey Invades Syria-What’s inside the Pandora’s Box?

Turkey has finally taken the initiative of self destruction, a policy which has been pursuing for years in the Eastern-SE Mediterranean region and invaded Syria! Specifically, as sources report, a few hours ago, Turkish military forces crossed the border supported by AH-1W support helicopters capturing the city of Jarabulus! The invasion took place today after yesterday’s abduction of 12 officers of the Turkish army, by the Kurds operating in the region! A reminder, that Bashar Al Assad granted the Kurds a carte blanche, a superior strategic move, which placed them along Assad’s regime and allowed the transport of fresh troops to the battlefield of Aleppo. We should also note that today a small Russian unit disembarked in Tartus Port (Russian Base in Syria), a fact which makes the situation even hazier, since it is not clear whether it poses a simple reconnaissance task force or is the vanguard of a greater disembarking process. As the government has deployed three fresh divisions (one mechanized. two Infantry) and two Brigades in Aleppo, the clouds of war gather ominously above Syrian ground, on which NATO, Iranian and Russian forces (Spetsnaz special CT forces) have been operating for months. With the diplomatic dimension crippled, since Annan’s resignation, every aspect of any potential endgame is now possible, since the Pandrora’s Box has been opened and regardless whether the Great powers operating there wish or do not wish to know, what’s inside.

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